Chase Encounter / Press

“!!!Absolutely Outstanding Tracks !!!. Great Vocals, Musicianship and Productions. Fabulous Guitar and Songs.”

Kevin Kerr - Reverbnation

“Great songs guys been a long time since I heard some southern rock this tight .”

Ian - ReverbNation

“BLACK SHEEP is sooo seXy !”

❤ GuNDiRoCk ❤ - Reverbnation

"Crossfire" is awesome !! Congrats !!!

Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“Really enjoyed the authentic intensity and drive. Great arrangements and mix, Really captures the spirit,”

MTB Studios - Reverbnation

“Loving the new songs. "Already Gone", "Crossfire" and "Let your hair down" Keep them coming.”

Andy Green - Reverbnation

“What a terrific song "Black Sheep" is - totally original but sounds like top drawer Free. No wonder you've got so many fans”

Chris Ingram - Reverbnation

“Jeez this is good stuff...Awesome Southern feel, and honest vocals...you guys nailed it!”

Stranger from the East - Reverbnation

“Wow, stunning acoustic/electric intro on Black Sheep, some of the best rock I've heard on RN. Damn, fantastic”

Janice Kephart - Reverbnation

“loving the vocals and guitar work !! awesome !!!”

Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“What a sound, you really have it down!!!”

Thomas Strain - Reverbnation

“BLACK SHEEP is killer, I love it, friends....love it...”

Blackkiss - Reverbnation

“We know Southern Rock and you would fit right in here! Great music! ”

Soul Candy - Reverbnation

“Wow - just wow - you guys are awesome!!!”

Michele Mosher-Higney - Reverbnation

“You guys have got it nailed! Love it. ”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

“Man you guys nailed it with "Black Sheep"! ”

Donny Wymer - Reverbnation

“This is an amazing band, tremendously talented! Cant get enough of this.”

Chris Cugene - Reverbnation

“'Sail on down" is a great tune. Nice work.”

Chasm City Blues: - Reverbnation

“WOW ! Nothing but talent oozing out my speakers... ”

Twisted Folk - Reverbnation

“love the music. Awesome. I know who to call when i need music for a soundtrack”

SelfXplanatory - Reverbnation

“Driving thru the red clay and swamps of the south listening to Chase Encounter !!!”

Green Lion - Reverbnation

"Sail On Down The River"..Love it very very much. Awesome song !!!

She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix: - Reverbnation

“Hey guys - This is really good music .. it rocks! Nice Job!”

To Be Frank - Reverbnation

“Hey! I'm just "Sailing on down the River". Beautiful song!”

Rapid Creek Band: - Reverbnation

“I love it. voice is cool, I'm a Black sheep, you wrote that for me lol”

Mirro - Reverbnation

“Diggin the guitar & vocals on "Company Man"!!!! Excellent!!!!”

unknown Pop Stars - Reverbnation

“Love your music! Awesome sound ”

Guerry Harbin - Reverbnation

"Borderline" is an epic showcase of your southern bred rock and massive talent!

Funkygroovylemonade - Reverbnation

“Incredible band! Best wishes from Marisol, Argentina”

Alan Bay - Reverbnation

“Hey Guys...Incredible sound, vocals, guitars...what else can I say?”

SlightReturn - Reverbnation

“Exceptional guitar work and solid listenable songs backed by professional music and nice vocals”

HardTwistMusic - Reverbnation

“Most excellent musik I'm hearing here! 'Company Man' with it's driving beat and delta licks is the 21'st Century 'Road House Blues'”

EP Emsley - Reverbnation

“This music is really captivating.”

Yankee Rhoad - Reverbnation

“Company Man is a great travelling tune, hit the open road and open er up!”

Ethan k Bernhardt - Reverbnation

“Feeling and passion every were !!!! Company Man ooohhh yeahhhhhh!!!!”

GOD OF LIES - Reverbnation

“Great songs and excellent songwriting. Really digging "Gambler"”

Barricades - Reverbnation

“Excellent!, I really feel you've given this an identity of your own - could listen to this all night”

David P. Reinen - Reverbnation