Charm City Saints / Press

“If the Dropkick Murphys had stayed underground and never attached their music to a Dave Mirra game, they’d look a lot like the Charm City Saints. They’re a boon to the Indy Irish Punk genre, and this album from 2009 is a great part of their lineup.”

“And there’s something about sticking to roots in punk rock as well as in Baltimore that makes me love this band even more. It also help that they’re music is like a party every time – you just can’t help but move – it gets the blood going! ”

“Not only did The Charm City Saints smack me in the face with their explosive raw energy, but they gave me faith in the next generation of Celt-Punk from the East Coast.”

John Bowles - Paddy Rock Radio Review

“Described as Celtic punk rock, the Charm City Saints bring an edge to the world of Celtic music. The unique combination of the punk sound and Celtic music seems to blend well for them as they take on an original sound in this style of music.”

Marc Gunn - The Celtic MP3s Music Magazine

“Charm City Saints are the real thing.”

Mustard Finnegan - Shite -n- Onions

“Charm City Saints have been putting out some of the best Celt-Punk tunes over the years...”

“Charm City Saints definitely have their own distinct sound... with Guinness as one of their influences, this band oozes Irish rock and have my vote on good taste in beer too!”

The Weekly Band Report

“Lead vocalist Jesse Pollock belts out lyrics to Pub classics like Finnegan's Wake and Whiskey in a Jar while his band members provide hard, fast punk rhythms and gritty electric guitar riffs”