Charlie Wooton / Press

“It's no surprise that the Louisiana-bred founder of the cross-pollinated Zydefunk would release an eclectic solo album that incorporates good time R&B (the late Donnie McCormick's "Daydreamin'"), fluttery Afro-pop ("Tell Me"), frothy reggae ("Unexpected Kisses") and righteous funk-jazz fusion ("Higher Than Low"). That's a lot of territory to cover, especially for a bassist who keeps his distance from the vocal microphone, wisely letting others take the spotlight. But the songs, many constructed by overdubs, flow together with nonchalant ease, creating a vibe and riding it, rooted by Wooton's wonderfully elastic, unpredictable bass playing.”

“Georgia Music Magazine featured Charlie in their 2010 "Roots Issue" Link ”

“CWP's "Higher Than Low" was featured in the Relix Compilation CD in their April/May issue 2010. This is their biggest issue of the year and it will hit 1/2 million readers and be at most Major Music Festivals across the United States. Link www.relix.com”