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“Video: San Diego sidewalk singer Charlie Rae goes viral on Reddit Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/326991#ixzz22k6SjF3B”

"Reddit discovered Charlie Rae, a struggling pop artist from San Diego. Seated in front of a bustling street, the young singer performs an acoustic version of her signature ballad, “What Do You Know,” with the steady hum of passing cars and skateboarders in the background. The footage, captured on a cell phone, is distant, dark, and grainy, but in just over two minutes, Rae managed to win over Reddit, which has 35 million unique visitors a month. The aptly titled video, "Beautiful Musician on Sidewalk in Downtown San Diego,” uploaded June 13, quickly reached the site’s front page and has been viewed nearly 400,000 times to date."

“Things are always changing, you know?” he says later as he navigates Tijuana’s bustling streets, trying hard to put the motivation behind his analog-photography obsession into a few simple words. “Everything is just a moment in history and then it’s gone…. I’m making it stand still.””

“Beautiful Musician’s San Diego Street Performance Goes Viral”

“San Diego singer turns Internet sensation”

“Phone video makes sidewalk singer a viral sensation”