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“A Time Long Gone is an excellent album, finely conceived and gorgeously sung. The more I played it, the more I enjoyed it. I have to warn you, there are some tearjerkers here, and songs that will stick with you long beyond the playing. Mosbrook shows himself, once again, to be a remarkable songwriter.”

"There is something wonderful about being able to tell somebody by their voice... A distinctive voice, Sam Baker, John Prine, you know right away who they are.... Charlie Mosbrook is that kind of singer."

“The musicianship and singing on the album is uniformly excellent, the various folks helping Mosbrook doing a fine job all around. I hope that he gets around to making ten more albums, if they display this level of quality.”

"At Thursday evening's show, the very soft-spoken musician held those two-dozen men, women, and children entranced as he played song after beautiful song.... it was evident that there had been a majorly cosmic connection between Mosbrook and us."

“FolkAlley Featured Open Mic Artist of the Month (November 2013)”

"Upon hearing “Something to Believe” by singer-songwriter Charlie Mosbrook, I was struck by the confident yet melodic sound of his singing voice."

“There’s a familiar comfortable feeling that comes over you when you listen to the music of Charlie Mosbrook. The guy has a rich, worldly voice that sounds like it was broken in slowly, like a well-loved instrument.”

“It's a testament to his talent that Mosbrook, a veteran on the local folk-rock scene who became a quadriplegic in 2010, sounds this inspired ”

“songs illustrate how much range Mosbrook has within the seemingly limited confines of the acoustic singer-songwriter genre”

“It's a terrific CD, which I for one will be playing on my show. Charlie's got one of those husky, well-travelled voices which wears very well indeed. If you miss out on his offer, you'll kick yourself”

“These are great songs and lovely performances”

"Something to Believe” — a 12-song compilation he self-produced at his home — is the best work he has ever done.

“credit to Mosbrook: “Charlie adds a lot, with his humor and with his own great songs.””

“Modest yet exquisite songs.”

“the music on the album “celebrates Charlie Mosbrook’s unwavering determination to overcome adversity.”

"In a world where many are reluctant to share the spotlight, Charlie Mosbrook has gone out of his way to let others take center stage"

"He gave a lot of the young musicians in the area their start, and he always gave everyone the same respect no matter how green they were."

“Readers poll: Best Singer Songwriter- " It's grown-up music from a guy who isn't afraid to open his heart."”

““It’s an amazing product; I listen to it all the time,” she said. “The people on this CD are just phenomenal. They’re all amazing musicians.””

“Leader of the Cle coffeehouse scene”

“among the best five songwriters of NEOH in past ten years. The fact that the US has not seen your talent is just sad.”

Tim Brennan - Facebook

“Charlie's music speaks for itself. With all his talent Charlie, has a humility, and a quiet clarity that is so refreshing in this world.”

“Definitely a singer/songwriter/guitarist to be on the lookout for around town. ”

Brian Lisic - Cleveland Scene

“Nothing is Clear, again features his warm delivery. ”

Joe Giordano - Cleveland Free Times