Charlie Chamberlain / Press

"Fantastic Debut!"

KHOL, Jackson, WY


WMXM - Lake Forest, IL


WBOR - Brunswick, Maine

"Excellent Debut!"

WVFS, Tallahassee, FL

"An outrageously talented guitarist"

"I think there’s something on this album for every mood"

"My nominee for “strange but true” release of the year. Sampling traditionalists like Ralph Stanley, Doc Watson, Hazel Dickens, Bill Monroe, chopping up the vocals and adding his own stuff, including synthesizers, drum machines, sampling."

WESU, Middletown, CT

"Takes American folk to a new level with beats and electronic textures, drum machines and acoustic instruments."

"Old-time bluegrass over modern electronics. Fits together surprisingly well!"

"Old and New is one very appropriately titled album. New Hampshire artist Charlie Chamberlain originally created this debut as an homage to one of America's oldest traditions, folk music. Ever the forward thinker, Chamberlain subtly mixed in modern rhythms, beats and electronic textures, as well as making the album free online. The result is, quite simply, an amazing post-modern Americana album." This is a wild experimental/folk record with heavy emphasis on dramatic and layered instrumentation. Old and New is extremely hard to describe, but it's definitely worth a spin so that you can hear the insanity for yourself. Start with 3, 1 and 5."

““Larry Sparks (Gospel Train)” not only stays on the tracks, it trundles right along like old freighter coming ’round the bend (albeit with hip hop beats.) Intrigued? You should be."”

"Last but certainly not least is Charlie Chamberlain, a New Hampshire boy who sets our seafaring man and his lass on their ear by combining elements of classic bluegrass with drum machine and other mechanics of modern technology. Bluegrass not only lives’; it continues to grow and evolve."