Charles Tillman / Press

"Your melody composition is sickeningly perfect. I love it. And those vocals, so smooth!"

"I can't stop listening to your song, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!".

Derrik Soares of All Ages - Hyper Raje Studios, San Francisco

"The bottle and the internet are both empty in Charles Tillman's song "Apple Blues". After listening to it several times over the past year, I can state, in my opinion, that it is a great song - not just because it is true and sad, but it has depth without losing its simplicity. No, it's not simple but he took a very relevant and old question that we ask, "Am I alone? Why am I here?" and he goes on to see "... who needs tommorow when we have tonight" and that is so Charles Tillman. He goes back to what is important, the moment in time when we are in the flow and not trying to be - which is when we find ourselves saying, "Am I good enough? Will they stay?". No, we have tonight. "Text me, Tweet me... let me know were still friends, don't delete me. I will take control and you will never see me again". It's funny and sad and true. Charles Tillman wrote one of the most relevant songs of the new era and how we interact - we will feel something about phones and texting. Check it out...

Artist: Tomas Dawson Glass - Houston, Texas

"I can't get your song, "Dance of Love" out of my head! I keep hearing it play over and over... it's catchy!"

Jason Palombo - Hawaii

“I'm writing a book titled "The Map No Longer Remains", inspired by Charles Tillman. I wrote a song inspired by him just weeks ago. I had what was the depressing feeling of being surrounded by the questionable usefulness of the Internet when it came to having a genuine connection and exchange of ideas. He is incredible." - Houston-based artist, Tomas Dawson Glass, on who inspires him.”

"Apple Blues...is a simple, poignant song that beyond having a great melody and a lo-fi/early KRS/Elliott Smith quality (which I love) it packs a huge emotional punch... Tillman cultivates the traditional folk/country “cry-in-your-beer” song motif and then authentically crafts it to fit our modern expression of loneliness, desperation, communication and love."

“Review of "Trade Names", a chapbook of experimental poetry, written and published in 2002 by Charles Tillman.”