Charles Stephen Arnest / Press

“Urgent and exciting, Lost in the Wormwoods (2011) by Mr. Purps and the Absinthe Minded is not for the passive listener. With 11 noisy and racing songs, the album gets blood pumping in a hurry. The Purps, arms its attack with the standard rock arsenal of guitar, bass, and drums. All instruments remain tastefully raw and unpolished while fusing blues and punk influences. The three-piece band from Detroit doesn't shy away from comparisons to classic rockers like Iggy Pop or the MC5. Instead, they grab those influences by the scruff of the neck, increase the beats per minute, and turn up their amps for good measure.”

Kevin Gunder - Metro Times

"In short, it’s the kind of record that justifies the existence of albums in an increasingly singles- and shuffle-play-dominated world." (Mr. Purps and the Absinthe Minded debut album - "lost in the Wormwoods)

“One of the original templates for underground metal, this band use simple songs with unpredictable changes in structure to make brief fragments of melody into rhythmically compelling songs. (about debut single from ACADEMY - "Impaler"”

“Kicking off with a barnstorming intro, Academy’s “Impaler” makes an immediate impression on the listener, akin to smashing a beer bottle upside the head of an unassuming emo poseur. Before allowing any measure of contentment to set in, the song quickly switches gears into Filter style metallic riffing, similarly reminiscent of latter day Foo Fighters classic, "All My Life,” before transitioning into sludge factory, grunge. All this takes place within the span of the first two minutes of the tracks running time. As the song progresses, ominous vocals drift languidly over the top of fuzzed out guitars and bass while a slow, steady beat sees the band settling into a groove, giving way to a moody closing interlude, suggestive of one of Nine Inch Nails’ quieter moments, with some Floydian guitar noodling throw in on top for good measure. All in all, a song with stunning vision and musical depth in an age seemingly dominated by status quo corporate pop rock.”

David Kulchar - The Rock Bible

"Thursday Mr. Purps and the Absinthe Minded destroyed the minds of the local eastern college campus and Terra Ressins as the thunderstorm roared, absinthe flowed, and hula hoop party brigade put on a stellar performance with members of The Skin Plague showing full support joining them for a six man jam noteworthy of any show at the Heildburg this year -

Alan Bennett - The Real Detroit

"Just makes me want to kick over tables and MOSH!" Jessica Kriemes (about Clear Green Marble - Mr. Purps and the Absinthe Minded)

Jessica Kriemes - Hot Girl

"The loudest band to ever come through the studio" Pete McMurdo ' sound engineer (regarding industrial rock metal band - Academy)

Pete McMurdo - Loft N' Sound

“The Dune Buggy Attack Battalion is Jet Jaguar (Andy Lawson) on vocals, guitar and harmonica; Mr. Deguello (Ray Steffy) on drums, and background vocals; Del Demoni on guitar and vocals; and Sir Zepha Heel (Charles Arnest) on bass. Formed in the fall of 2001 in Ypsilanti, the Battalion’s members played in such bands as Salt Chunk Mary,The Dilrods, and Soldiers of the Constellation Q before coming together. Originally named Hayride Crash, the band scrapped that moniker because — humorously, according to the group — people started tossing pitchforks toward the stage. The current name came from an occult book called “The Family: The Story of Charles Manson and his Dune Buggy Attack Battalion,” written by Ed Sanders. Supposedly, this is the tag that the media put on the Manson family’s anonymous attacks while traveling on dune buggies through the desert. ”

“ The style: The Battalion’s sound, according to the band, runs the gamut of influences ranging from the ’60s style of The Beatles and The Byrds to ’70s acts such as Can, Ash Ra Tempel and the Velvet Underground. The members describe the sound as “mind-bending salad.” The Dune Buggy Attack Battalion recorded a six-song disc called “Obscured by Clowns” at Pete McMurdo’s Loft ’n’ Sound in Trenton. Songs included are “Basketball,” “The Sad Skinhead” and “Natural Bridge.” The disc is available on Deep Red Records. To order a copy of the album, e-mail the band at dunebuggyab@aol.com or write Deep Red Records at P.O. Box 7088, Ann Arbor, MI 48107 ”