Charles M. Mailer & The Sunhill Palace Band / Press

“The song is great! I love the piano place in it. The arrangement is so right for the story! ~Magicsong”

magicsong - Maybe-I'll-Remember

"maybe i'll remember" is a great song with a nice retro rock charm. love your power and the fun you have doubtlessly.

sevenmileboots - Maybe-I'll-Remember

“Liked - and I must say I love the arrangement and sound of the entire track......Well done...........Tom”

Tom Doak - Covered Up With Blues

“Excellent music I love the groovy rendition of I don't need a doctor, that's great to get to know you ! Would be a blast to meet on the road somewhere”

Mojo - I Don't Need No Doctor

“I Don't Need No Doctor - Love this....!!!!! Incredible Band! Opened handed grove from the Drummer is so.... spot on!!! Great job by all!”

Jettlag - I Don't Need No Doctor

“Enjoyed "Blues In The Blood" great guitar palying, nice singing and writing too, cool production!”

Vern Johnson - Blues In The Blood

“Incredible sound.. I've checked you guys out awhile back, and dig what your doing.. Very professional.. Great talent. I will keep checking you out. Best of luck to us.”

Ike Crossman - Guitar Blues Session

“This CD is not for purists and Rootsbluesmen, but for music lovers who want to be entertained. Charles M. Mailer has produced a CD that dances back and forth between blues, soul and R & B. The name is program: Live @ The Studio Lounge! Music people like to hear in concert or in a lounge while drinking their drink. He comes from the large circle of Würzburg musicians and bands and has done what is daily business there: Outstanding musicians meet and make music together. They called it the Sunhill Palace Band, but it's his project. It was recorded live at the Studio Lounge in Untertrubach and contains 9 songs, with three songs from his and Freida W. Gantt’s collaboration. In addition, you can listen to standards like "Sweet Home Chicago, Going Down and Help The Poor". "I Don't Need No Doctor" or the all-time-credo "Blues in the Blood" convinced me. My favorite is and remains the voice of Charles M. Mailer: Loud and expressive, which made me immediately think of the Blues by Dr. John.”

“Wonderful rendition of "Help The Poor". Excellent musicianship all the way around. Vocals spot on, guitarist is a genius...! Snap in the drums and horn (perfect). Keys are serious pro level. My privilege to know you. /art”

Art Bell - Help The Poor

“Charles, I had a listen to "Blues In The Blood" and was truly knocked out - cool song and killer guitar playing with a wonderful groove by the rhythm section. The vocal was terrific and the Hendrix / SRV (who I did half a dozen gigs with as an opening act) licks were freaking amazing! I'm impressed - great job! Rick Gordon - Houston TX”

Rick Gordon - Blues In The Blood

“Covered Up with Blues What a nice funky groove, excellent mix, and free download to! Outstanding!!!! I will pass your link along to all my fans, Thanks to you all and best wishes in all your musical endeavors, Guy Archerd”

Guy Archered - Covered Up With Blues

“Charles: Covered Up With Blues is the perfect "rasp" for a good little tune. I have to smile as I watch your bass player, as most bassist ( I are one ) "Pan face and little emotion" That's just a side note - you got something going on there. I wish you all the best and much success - Otis Kry”

Pat Bateman - Covered Up With Blues

“Maybe I'll Remember great song catchy hook to it. I also clicked liked on facebook!”

H.D. The Human Volcano - Maybe I'll Remember

“very nice work there you guys are tight..”

Maybe I'll Remember - Johnny Stash

“Very cool version my friend, enjoyed it, Rock on...Frontline”

Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound - I Got My Mojo Working

“Playing it now! Awesome song. Thanks for the heads up! Gordon”

Gordon Malboef - Covered Up With Blues

“Great Sound--Love It !!!! Good Luck to Y'all”

DW Blues Band

“Hi Charles, great music and style. Well done.”

Philip Birkhead

“We also thank you for your support! Be well guys and keep on bluesing the way you do!!!! You are a great band!”

The Yesterdaze Blues Band

“Bury Me With Blues" is a favourite. Nice arrangement there my friend! In fact all the listed tracks are pretty good! Done the fanning thing. Please keep in touch?”

Stompin' on Spiders - Bury Me With Blues

“whooouuuu muy bueno ME GUSTA muchísimo exitos y saludos”


“Great Music guys...I love your style of the Blues!I'm a fan~ Tera”

Pinetop Express

“Maybe is one hot blues song, it's catchy dance swing feels like I'm ready to go party!”

H.D. The Human Volcano - Maybe I'll Remember

“WOW. LIstening and diggin Blues Improv.. Excellent Blues.. Also Diggin Shes Gone... Best of luck to us.”

Ike Crossman - She's Gone

“Cool music. Awesome line up too!! Maybe we could gig together sometimes!”


“Great playing, great singing, and an unusually good live sound! Congratulations to you all, including the sound guy.”

Jules Carter Trio - I Got My Mojo Working

“Cool Charles M. Mailer & TSP band, I enjoyed the tune and the video.”

Patrick Hamilton - She Caught The Katy

“Cool stuff you got , folks :) Keep up the quality stuff :) Andy, Europe”

Andy "Dreamy" Day

“You selected an excellent tune Charles! Your band did an excellent job of backing the singers too! But I have to say this "Andreas Kümmert", (that is the name of the short, husky guy, huh?), is the real deal. That cat can really sing! You need to hook him, hehe! I was blown away at the whole performance my friend! Keep up the good work”

Mo Jelly Band - I Got My Mojo Working

“Great Sound Guy's ,, It's music I can sink my teeth (and Guitar) into.. Hope your band gets a chance to play in the New Orleans USA area, if so, I'll be there !! Peace! Dwayne”

Dwayne Hebert

“Bad ass tune!! Love ur music!!”

Wailin' Wolves Band - Busy Being Bad

“Great song.....keep it up !”

Dezmo's Blues - Bury Me With Blues

“Man you guy's are great I really mean that,”

TTB/ Arthur Held

“You guys sound great! We would love to hear you live. Best Regards”

Simplistic Soles

“hey man, Im digging your stuff. Its got a real cool feel to it. Also i became a fan and liked your music.”

Ryder Green

“Cool I thought it was rendered or covered. Keep in touch”

Patrick Hamilton

“hey boys looks like your rockin' it keep it rollin'”

The AmaZing StreetKingZ

“Hey Charles the band sound great love it! i'm a new fan :-)”

Rodger L. Montgomery

“Hey guys......nice to see you doing the blues so good ! Looks like a good crowd and a cool venue to play at.”

Dezmo's Blues

“Nice guitar interplay guys, love the fender rhodes, different, kee pup the good work. All the best, Paul Cox.”

Paul Cox - Bury Me With Blues

“Real feel music coming from naturally talented artists.Oh yea,and a little practice too.Thanks for sharing it.”


“I became a fan straight away! You guys play excellent blues. Will like your FB page as well”

Billy Barron

“Really good quality video, great sound, vocals & playing ~ dig the song too. Cheers ~ Marc”

Marc Leon - Covered Up With Blues

“Charles, you guy's just keep crankin that cool stuff..”

Grey Foxx

“Great sound, guys- sweet guitar!”

I Write Blues

“Great music and excellent blues. I wish you the best of success. Peace.”


“Klasse Gitarre .Klasse Blues . Wie immer sehr starker Auftritt . Gruß von Thüringen .”

Wolfgang - I Got My Mojo Working

“Tolle Musik die ihr macht mit back to the Roots”

DJ Cavallo

“Hi .....na das hört sich doch einfach nur SUPER an !!!!!! Echt toll gespielt ....Hut ab .....smile Gruß Horst”

Horst Zaspel - Space Captain

“Good Song,Your Voice Is very bluesy.I like it.Jay O from Hamburg.”

Jay O - Covered Up With Blues

“great sounding blues guys keep it up”

Between Dead Stations

“Ich hab mir "Bury Me With Blues" angehört . Starker, sehr professionell gesungener und gespielter wundervoller Blues Titel . Gute Arbeit Freunde . Grüße aus Thüringen .”


“Sounds like New Orleans but not like Würzburg”

In Gretta

“Hey I remember you guys, no pun intended. Love the track. Keep rocking it! ~Ryan”


“Got my mojo sounds great. Those are two fantastic voices belting it out. Keep it coming.”

Grey Foxx

“Sounds like my basement sounded all the time in 1998 when my ex had a band. I was the sound producer for the recordings. :) Miss the good ole days.”

Nancy Rice

“Dang nice blues there guys...great job!”

Larry Milam

“I have listened to quite a few of your songs already. Enjoy them very much. Love your style Brother! Keep up the good work!”

The Mo'Jelly Band

“You guys sound good. I could listen to you all anytime.”

Lady Dee Me & The Boyz

“Sehr Cool ....gefällt mir absolut gut !!!!!”

Horst Zaspel

“I reaiil feel the blues when you play that guitar the way you do bro. that is very outstanding great sound!”

H.D. the Human Volcano

“We liked your facebook and became a fan and left a comment. You guys are doing killer work. Keep it going.. promote your music on our page to get fans in America..”

Marlow Drive

“Very Nice Guys, Great message, Thanks for the fan and keep it coming. best to you”

Grey Foxx

“HAY,dig what you guy's are doing,your fan”

mikey murder

“Yep. You guys are alright. I dig it. That's the blues, just like that. Builds when it should, slacks off when it should. Cheers.”

Stand Back Blues Band

“Thanks and compliments for some Great Blues !!!!!!!”

Son of Life

“Klasse Aufnahme . Bei der Lead- Gitarre bekomme ich eine Gänsehaut . Sehr starkes Zusammenspiel . Ganz tolle Musik .”

The German Singer

“Habe mir Euren Song auf You Tube angehört . Habe dort auch einen Kommentar gemacht . Sehr starke Aufnahme . Wie immer starke Instrumentierung und sehr gut dazu passend die gesangliche Qualität . Gruß von Thüringen .”


“Great sound and feel. Thanks for the connect. Keep it groovin' man.”

The Dahman Beck Band

“Nice stuff guys! Sounds like you could be right here in New Orleans with us! Best of luck! MoJelly”

Mo Jelly Band

“I like your sound man. I have a sax player who sits in with us sometimes. Keep the music going!!!”

Jason Damico

“Thanks Charles, cool tunes & really likening the band. Much success to you all in 2014.”

Blue Room

“Maybe I'll Remember - Thanks for sharing! Very cool song! Nice storyline behind the song.”

Holly & Evan

“Great work Keep going”

Cross+Roads - The Blues and Rock Band

“Maybe I'll Remember - Very cool tune... love the lyrics .. peace and have a wonderful weekend”

Agent 13

“Maybe I'll Remember - Diggin' the tune! Gonna have to check 'em all out! Thanks for the link :) Keep on groovin'!”

Blue Line

“Love your music my brother very good.”

Samuel & Janice Lozada

“Guys, Love the vocals and band sounds great stay in touch ! Steve Squires”

Steve Squires

“Busy Being Bad - Thanks for sharing the new cut. I think it's a good cut, maybe fill it out with a B3 and some rhythm guitar.”

Jamie Parsons

“sounding good my friend”

Rock Bottom

“Maybe I#ll Remember - a nice Honky Tonk and barrelhouse mood - hey Bartender gimme one, two, three....”


“Gefällt mir sehr gut . Das ist Musik , aus der man nicht zwischendurch aussteigt . Wirklich sehr gute Gesangsstimme”


“Hey Charles, I much appreciated your time and your supporting words, As you know i've listened to your work and i'm feeling it alot to champ,.. Thanks again for the listen, And keep up the great work your end, I'm here to show my love & support for the love we all got for Music, Keep it burning. Once again My UK Love, And may god bless you and all you love, The Best Of Luck In All You Do In 2014, Charleena.”


“I got my Mojo working - Thought it has a lot of great vocals. Good work. Tight sound. Good funky feeling.”

The Blues Posse

“That is great, congrats to him and the band!!!! I would love to jump over the pond and jam with you guys, maybe one day I'll get lucky and be able to do so.”

Shona McNeill

“Sounds awesome guys. Keep up the great work.”

Sonny Boy Baker

“That's a beautifull Blues ! I love it ! Success for You”

Bad Sullivan

“Maybe I'll Remember - Great song, ROFLMAO! Did you write this one last night? lol 'Maybe I'll remember' is destined to be a hit, if only at New Years!”

Jamie Parsons

“great live gig. enjoyed the music,,thanks for passing it along to me to enjoy”

John Collela

“Busy Being Bad - Great groove and performance!! TY 4 sharing!”

Wailin' Wolves Band

“Cool stuff ..keep rockin !”


“Love that you tube clip - great sound ... subscribed while I was there ... cheers - Alan S”


“Very cool. I'm liking your slow blues tunes the best! Namaste...”

Jody Jaress

“I got my Mojo working - You guys are amazing!! I checked out the video and I had to subscribe, leave a comment and hit the like button before it was over!!! Loved it.”

Shona McNeil

“Space Captain - Great song guys.. well done.. really love his voice.. very soulful”

Agent 13

“Space Captain...oh..that is nice..ive like it already!! nice composition...Best wishes..and success!!yucca rose”

Yucca Rose

“Space Captain - Great song, great job and great vocals!! Subbed and shared”

Wailin' Wolves Band

“..as Blues as Blues can be... super! Hoffentlich kommt Ihr bald in die Nähe von Frankfurt!”

Peter Moser

“Charles " that is an awesome good job all of you done , love it man , good times for sure ..thank you bro.. have a rockin good weekend !”

Kevin Looney

“You guys are smokin'... By that We mean awesome! Love to hear your songs. Man... You are great! Keep the love and respect... LOL. :)”


“Charles & Band. Slamming killing stuff! Thx for reaching out!”

Shari Pine

“Hey - listened to a couple of numbers - really liked Covered up with the blues - a good groove there!”

Gratefully Not Dead

“Y'all sound great - killer vocals and deep pockets - I love it!”

Rick Gordon

“Good stuff Charles. Keep 'em coming. -- Kirk James”

Kirk James

“Holly & Evan are huge fans of Muddy Waters .. you do have your mojo working.. Nice job!”

Holly & Evan

“Nice arrangement. Love your stuff.”

Little Roy Greene

“Nice Stuff! Like the whole package, keys, vocals, etc. Bill”

Bill Reid

“You guys are great! Watched the entire video.You guys should seek a booking agent that books regional tours & promote your music.”


“She Caught The Katy - One of my favorite blues tunes. You guys sizzle! Rags.”

Rags Murtagh

“Thanks for the link Charles. Great work and awesome singing. Keep going. In blues we trust”



Stevie (Trash) Petri

"Covered up With Blues" is an awesome tune, Really love it!!! Great Work.

James Lynne & Ian Carter

“Great tunes skilfully played guys. I'm proud to be a fan!”

David Layton

“nice,tight play between drums and bass. groove on!”

Larry Griffith Band

“Hi ...habe grad mal ein paar Songs von Euch gehört ....ist ne super gute Musik... gefällt mit echt gut !!! Viele Grüße aus Helsa / Kassel Horst Zaspel”

Horst Zaspel

“Good stuff. I hear a little Delbert McClinton in your groove. Dig it.”

Greg Allen

“You are awesome love the mojo workin - Stevie”

Stevie Riff

“Listening to Bury me with the blues and really enjoying it.”

The Chronic Blues Circus

“love the keyboards- I love that old Fender Rhodes/elec piano sound. Keep up the cool work.”

Eric Hughes

“Hi Thank You So Much for The Add & Support .Love The Promo Song.Sounds Good,. Nice Style Peace!”

David/ Classic Star

“Listening to the track "Covered Up With Blues" and enjoying it very much, great song!”

The Chronic Blues Circus

“Nice work guys ! Love that song "She Caught The Kathy" . Dig that bass line over the verses . Take care .”

Jim Colombini

“good stuff brother , you need to come to new orleans-”

Lesser Apostles

“Absolutely! Very cool groove. Thank you very much for your support and friendship, Doug”

Doug Phillips

“She Caught The Kathy is good time rockin my friend !!”


“Hi there, enjoyed your song, "Busy Being Bad". Will fan you back... Good luck with your music!”

J. Brittany

“cool music keep tuning good brothers”

The Experience

“You guys blow it out!! Great sound and energy!! Rags.”

Rags Murtagh

“She Caught The Kathy is an awesome track Charles. Keep up the good work, Cheers”

Cross+Roads - The Blues and Rock Band

“You are an awesome band!”

Hot Dog Nights

“Nice stuff!!! I like the groove on Busy Being Bad thanks I liked your facebook Page”

Mark Martin

“Bury Me With Blues is a great tune. Thanks for the download. Keep it LOUD!!!”

Ian McArthur Band

“Bury Me With Blues is a great track with strong lyrics. Thank you so much for sharing.”

Andy Shearer

“Liking what I'm hearing…. nice.”

Jody Jaress

"She Caught The Kathy" - Great sound. Enjoyed and subbed and commented. TY 4 sharing! Bert

Wailing Wolves Band

“very cool lyrics..cool groove... sweet n simple...with feeling...”

Harrison Kennedy

“Hello guys! What a great sound you have! Very funky. I dig the vocals too.”

Cara Being Blue

“Bury me with Blues....Awesome...... track... guitars... vocals... very well done guys... enjoying the listen...”

The Darned Blues Band

“Good work on covered up loved it keep up the good work well done!”

Good Rockin' Dan

“Diggin "Bury Me With The Blues! The accent somehow makes it even cooler. Some smoking musicianship here, fellas. Real nice work.”

Guy Bergeron

“Hi Charles... great lyrics, music and vocal... thanks for beautiful music work you're sharing to me :) Love it! Warm Regards & more success Restu Fortuna”

Restu Fortuna

“I'll have to say what really grabs me with this track is that guitar lead. It's very well constructed and cleanly articulated with just the right amount of flash to make it stand out without being jarring. (about "Bury Me With Blues")”

Brightwater Blues

“Great job!! thanks for the support too :) keep it on...and i hope Great success for you music and your band!!_yucca”

Yucca Rose

“Hey Charles, Much appreciated, As you know i'm feeling your work alot to, Keep it all burning guys”


“Das ist ein sehr gutes Lied mit einem exellenten Sänger . Gute Arbeit . Grüsse aus Thüringen .”


“Bury Me With Blues is an awesome song, Liked it for you. Great sound and vox”

Desperate Hero

“you guys sound great, hope to catch ya'll one day, i'll be in europe at the end of november, i'll be in romania playing a blues gig,”

Brent Melancon

“Great sounding blues guys. Loved the vocals. Awesome musicians.”

Sonny Boy Baker

“Awesome...keep those Blues coming!!”


“Superb tune!! Such skill and passion in your music. WOW!”

Nancy Dawn Olson

“Prima Sound . Starke Musik . Da kann man nicht meckern . Macht weiter so .”

The german Singer

“Hi! Thank you for your friendship! Your music is powerful and excellent!!! I have put my like on your fb page.”

Maks Kartashov


Burning Brains

“You got the blues Good work keep it up thank you for listen&support connect socially I'll share on my links Have a great day!”

Good rockin' Dan

“You've got the real thing here--keep it up, and good luck with your future!!”

Merill Jackson & Middle Earth

“nice groove and love the horns. Guitar reminds me of Blues Breakers back in the day. Good stuff!”

little devils

"Crawfish Pie & 90 Proof" is my favorite so far. It's pretty hard to pick one, because they're all good.

Jammie Lile

“Alright, you are are HOTT blues band. I like the song, Covered up in Blues. Maybe we can write one together one day. Thanks for sharing! Peace, Ruby”

Ruby Hayes

“Great funky groove! Love it)”

Alexander L. Dolgov

"Covered Up With Blues" - I like it... nice groove,,,,,R n B style Blues.....real cool.. shared it to my FaceBook page

Jack Edery & Ultra Suede

“Sounds super. I sung and fronted several bands in South Florida for 10 years, all of them blues bands, and they weren't nearly as kicking as this. Super stuff; yes this is the blues, but it's soul mixed in with the blues which is a tad better! Great stuff.”


“A great sound mixing keyboard and blues. Love it. Best wishes to you and your music 12 string scott”

12 String Scott

“Nice work . Love to listen to the European blues bands like yours . Being a guitar "nut" I really dig the guitar solos you posted on Rock Me and Taj Mahal's She Caught the Katy. Best of luck to you guys !!”

Jim Colombini

“Good stuff Charles...JS”


“Covered Up With Blues is a cool song my friend ..keep on rockin !!”


“Great music , blues & soul all the way!”

Solon Fishbone

“Hallo Freunde , "Covered Up With Blues" das ist wirklich klasse Musik . Da lohnt sich das Reinhören . Prima !!!!!!!!!! Die besten Grüsse aus Thüringen .”


“Great music”

Chance Lain

“I just listen to "Covered Up With Blues"....I like it and it has a nice groove...Keep up the good work...:)”

Eric Grover

“Stopping by to check out your songs and they're awesome including "Bustin' Loose", .Impeccable vocals, keys, guitar, bass and drums! ..Pete”

The Honstest Mistake Band

“I did listen....and I did enjoy man! Excellent tunes! This Kai guy rocks that guitar man! Awesome job! I gave EACH of your songs a deserving LIKE for you in support.....also fanned your Facebook account. Hoping you can return the same this way! God bless Steve”

Steve Morin & The Higgs Bloson Project

“... Looks like a cool band you have there.Would love to come and see you live sometime... maybe we could do an acoustic blues set and open for you :-) ”

Pat Gifford & Friends

“I’m a composer and pianist from Ukraine, impressed with your music and your performance. Best wishes to you!”

Serge Grimalsky

“Hi Charles - "Covered Up With Blues" is a really good song my friend , i played Delbert Mclinton and many blues covers all my life and really enjoy what you do , have a great week and rock on bro...”

Kevin Looney

“Love the blues !!!! Awesome !!!!!!”

Dale Dillard Band

“Awesome work! Thanks. Don't stop the music!”


“I Like your music guys, keep it up. ~Ryan”


“great tunes ;]”

David Carte

“You got it!! Good stuff- best of luck with everything!”

Bill Lyerly

“Sounds great guys”

Robert Brown Band

“Hi, great band. I like it very much!”


“You have great music! Peace, Ruby”

Ruby Hayes

“Great Sound !! Charlie you got it!”

Skip Frye

“your music is awesome”

The unnamed

“Awesome tunes... really diggin it”

Wesley Pruitt Band

“Great sounds boys. Blessings Ken”

Vatos Locos Baja

“Sounds Good! Love the guitar tones. Nice solid sound man, awesome!”

Boulevard Lane

“Hi - nice work. Have a wonderful day.Ryszard”


“Sounding good boys. :) Ken”

Vatos Locos Baja

“Excellent! Your music rocks! Holly & Evan from Amsterdam, New York”

Holly & Evan

“cool...sounds,,,,,,sorry it took me a while to get back.....this is sounding a bit like steely dan....nice....”

James Edery & Ultra Suede

“11/0/90" mellow coolness, I have such respect for pianists, it seems like magic to me, beautiful job guys.”

Aubrey P. Cullen III

“like your groove!”


“Love your work Charles...”

James Anderson

“Blues Improv is as Blue as Blue can be! Oh yea!!!! You got my ear.”


“We mentioned you on our page - and I've listened to your stuff, it's awesome! Really nice and rootsy!”

Catchpenny Broadcast

“Hi Charles " you and Sunhill rock and i wish you the best”

Kevin Looney

“What an interesting mix of styles. The first song I listen to made me think of Bill Withers. You got Chicago Blues goin' on too. - Nice mix”

Arlen Songs

“You have a great sound, love the Rhodes Piano! All the best, Halley”

Halley deVestern

“Nice work guys . Dig the bass on Busy Being Bad”

Jim Colombini

“Just went on your page ~ love your music. You've been officially LIKED !!”

Liz Reger

“Really like your grooves guys.”

Alison Joy Williams

“You guys sound great!!”

Crooked Dice

“You guys are great! Hope we cross paths...”

Eric Fridrich

“Aloha! took sometime to listen to your tracks and became a fan.”


“Hey Charles, I like your (J.C. Is A Jumpin Jack) good work...Keep it coming...”

Roharpo & The Blues Busters

“Hallo, euer Sound gefällt uns sehr gut! Wir hätten euch gerne bei unserem ReverbNation Label. Schönen Gruss aus Karlsruhe - Blues@Rockclub http://www.reverbnation.com/label/bluesrockclubka”

Blues@Rockclub Radio

“Great stuff fellas. Keep on rockin'!”

Scott Gordon Band

“Just checking back & listening to all the artists who have fanned me. Maybe I'll remember is groovin! A very fun song.”

Ebony Ann Blaze

“Kick ass blues cuz”

Swampmann & the machine

“11-0-90/No Title - I like it. Cool piano and vibe. love the maj7 and song structure.”

Bill Johnson

“No sweat... I had a listen to your stuff and it's all cool...”

Darned Blues Band

“Lovin' that combination of blues, funk and jazz. Covered Up With Blues is excellent, man!”

Dan Harrington

“Awesome groove on Covered Up With The Blues! Glad we got together.”

Hobo John

“Great tune,Bury Me With Blues..a true original!”

Gipsy Piano Blues

“Hey Guys, Damn fine work ! Ya'll kick some serious blues ass ! Thanks for bein' a fan and back to ya. Ted”

Ted Vaughn (from Ted Vaughn Bluesband)

“Covered Up With Blues is smokin'!!! Great keyboards too, brother! You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish!? Hahha! Love everything you guys do. Keep it up!”

Dan Harrington

“Sehr sehr gut. Muß ja mal gesagt werden. Meine Aussage wird den selbsternannten Ruhrgebiets-Bluesgöttern zwar nicht passen, aber so´n geilen Style hört man von der Klampfen-Fraktion hier selten”

Michael Ostkämper

"I'm currently working on a project with my friend, Charles Mailer, out of Germany, and The Sunhill Palace Band....AND I'm listening to a ' Teaser ' of a little something I wrote in 2010...' Covered Up In The Blues '..and GREAT guitar work Steve Kai !!!...Things are getting interesting across the pond " ♥

Freida W. Gantt

“‎" YES Charles.....We're ' Covered Up With Blues '...!!!!..;)...and it was an honor to be part of it !!!...Keep Bluesin' It my friend ~!!“”

Freida W. Gantt

"Over 1500 plays on You Tube since Charles M. Mailer and the Sunhill Palace Band release these 3 in September.....AND you're still listening ~!!...THANK YOU♥....They're the first 3 of an on-going project, and it ain't over yet ~!!!.."

Freida W. Gantt

“„Hallo Maestro! Habe Euch gestern (leider) erstmalig "live on Stage" gehört und gesehen. Es war perfekt. Ein 5-Sterne "WOW"! Weiter so im Namen des Herrn (Blues). Gruß KD“”

Kurt Denner

“„Hat mir bestens gefallen heut beim Stadtfest!“”

Konrad Martin

“„‎Germany and The Sunhill Palace Band is ' Bustin' Loose '~!!!!...It's one of nine songs I've written for Charles M. Mailer, Steve Kai, and the band for an on-going project we're working on.....Check It Out !! "”

Freida W. Gantt