Charles Johnson Big Biznis Records / Press

“Much luv bra, That 36 Bars Got a niGGa thinking hard on sum shit, You let out alot of wisdom on dat track and best of all, your feelings. Much support hommie...”

MG Tha Blockboy

“36 Bars is hot!!!!! keep up the great work ♥ ♥ ♥”

Amanda Pollard

“Dang, these are some seriously funky, sick as shit beats you got dropping with these scorching rhymes..amazing groove to "Ali MC" and loving that synth riff and big banging clatter-groove on "money right"..wicked tasty playlist!!”


“With 2012 set to be Charles Johnson biggest year of his career. His highly anticipated mixtape is due to drop this summer. With many mixtape appearances look for Charles... Johnson to make lots of noise this year. You can find him on Face Book , Twitter , Also find him in monthly competitions on ourstage.com ”