Charla Corn / Press

“It was a true pleasure writing with Charla Corn. She is one of my favorite female artists on the scene.”

William Clark Green

““I’ve never met anyone who works as hard as Charla. With that and her talent, she’s going all the way to the top!””

Roger Creager

"The future is very bright for Charla Corn. SOOOOO Much talent and very nice, too."

Ken Murray KTTX/KWHI

““(Charla) is a slam dunk! Program directors should eat her up, total radio candy...””

Kevin Fowler

““She’s got it. She’s beautiful, she can sing and her songwriting is as good as it gets. A true talent and a true Texan.””

Pat Green

"In a genre that is saturated with male artists, it's so refreshing to have someone as talented as Charla Corn bring some girl power to Texas music! Her new single "Done" is fun, energetic and something all of us can relate to. Charla is proof that the best music really does come from right here in Texas."

Neely Yates - KJDL The Red Dirt Rebel 105.3 Lubbock

"Skillfully crafted songs accompanied with addicting melodies make this record an enjoyable listen all the way through."

Brison Bursey

"The sweetest, yet most rockin' CD I've heard in a very long time!"

Dave Perez, Tejas Bros

"We expect this will be Charla Corn's best year yet. She is an outstanding talent, with determination, a loyal following, that combination will send her to new heights in 2012."

Will Payne K955 Payne Radio Group

"Bottom line. This is an excellent record. I have had the pleasure to sit back and watch all of the hard work and passion that has gone into making it come to life. Front to back, top to bottom a really solid record from solid artist worthy of all of our attention. Thank You Charla!" See You Down The Road... Justin Frazell

Justin Frazell TXRDR