Charity Ann / Press

“QMH for June 2014 http://www.queermusicheritage.com/jun2014.html This month I'm saluting Houston Artists, and I can't believe I've never done this before. Some are new and for some I dug into our history, and I quite enjoyed it, so I'm continuing this theme in July. Part 1 - 60:00 Christian Andréason - Damn U (2014, with Kitten Kay Sera) Sarah Golden - The One I Love / Who Gives a Damn (2013) Charity Ann - Bite My Tongue (2014) Curtis Braly - Live Laugh Love (2013) Mike Ator - Caveman (2010) Mike Ator comments Mike Ator - Angel Beside Me (2009) Castle Cruz - Falling Down (2010) John Day - Unity and Diversity (1983) John Day - Unity and More in 1984 (1984) Atwood & Comeaux - Old Friend (1993) Montgomery, Plant & Stritch - We'll Be Together Again (1992) Montrose Singers - Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair (1982) Nancy Ford - The Dyke Show (2012) Nancy Ford - I Need a Woman (1995) Hand in Hand company - Hand in Hand (1995)”

“Charity Ann is a young local singer songwriter, playing this week at the Last Concert Café, and gracing Kenny’s stage for a two tune sample of her wares, this evening. She has a strong voice with the locally familiar country blues twang, but singing in a rapid fire tempo, annunciating her words abruptly in the style of Ani de Franco. She performed her own tune “Changing” and one written by a friend for her to sing called “Quicksand”. She is a budding talent and worth checking out if you get half the chance.”

"Incredible voice and nerve-searing lyrics -- vast array of styles/songs," says Peterson. "Not shabby on guitar either."