Chapman James / Press

“Chapman James is a multi-talented singer/songwriter who never ceases to impress those who attend his concerts. One of the most genuinely unique songwriters I've had the privilege to meet, his songs imitate his philosophy of life. 'Presenstential', he calls it... marveling at the moment. According to Chapman "I write so that the things I've learned won't become lost like so many raindrops in the ocean and just maybe they'll shed a little light on what is to be expected from this seemingly insignificant species called human..." A true poet at heart, Chapman's music has an appeal that transcends generations.”

“Just a Chat with: CHAPMAN JAMES”

“Chapman James is conducting a "Therapy Session"”

“Chapman James creates detailed stories in his songs, which combine the best elements of the folk and country genres. His harmonies are unique and original; the depth in his writing is refreshing and thought provoking. His powerful folk and blues tunes are instant classics, integrating straightforward hookiness and sophisticated storytelling in his tight but not overly manufactured sound.”

“I get a great sense of relief and satisfaction when I hear a singer / songwriter that understands what melody, rhythm, and message is all about. "Dyin' Man" by Chapman James, finds a solid place near the top of the food chain within this realm. As a songwriter / performer, this artist restores my faith in the muse within an artist that allows true expression through music.”