Chapa / Press

“If "original" is what you seek, look no further than Chapa, who effortlessly blends high art with folk-inspired spiritual music. This is pure poetry. The classical instrumentation coupled with bold experimentation make Chapa and his band of merrymen cutting-edge artists. This music challenges the mind and the senses.”

“Chapa and his group offer eccentric and against-the-grain music, deploying oboe, cello, and flute in an overall acoustic sound that takes chances and sometimes echoes the work of Jeff Buckley, Badly Drawn Boy and even the Incredible String Band. Chapa’s voice, recorded raw and unadorned, is fine in an alternative context and his lyrics are literate. The tunes seem “live in studio,” yet conjure rich atmospheres, especially the tranquil, Asian-influenced “This World Around.””

Music Connection

"It is nearly impossible to describe the music with precision, mixing percussion, cello, organ and guitar to carefully crafted stories. Chapa's sound is reminiscent of the experimental Vinyl's of the 70's, such as Silver Mt. Zion, with his aerial quotations that are falsely minimalist."

“ “The music of Chapa is its own best definition. If you are blessed with the talent of listening, this combination of half spoken poetry, orchestral themes, thematic development and masterful percussion will clear away the dust in some unoccupied corridor you have probably neglected. That half sung dying fall in the voice, and woodwind song, the bliss of gliss, and the smile of a cello will take you to the garden where poetry grows.””