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“Chaotic Resemblance, who were introduced by Oz Fox himself, had the look, the talent and the high energy that are going to propel them much further. I think these guys took the time to personally thank everyone in attendance for coming out to the show.”

“Sally Steele Book Release Bash! This event will feature Stephen Pearcy Band (Ratt) along with top rock acts Chaotic Resemblance and Leona X. Sally Steele will be hosting the event with appearances by many special guests. The event will include a Red Carpet media event at 8pm with special appearances by celebrities and rock artists in the music industry.”

“Sold out! The biggest REAL ROCK awards in the United States rocked the world Sunday May 15! Our incredible house band this year is Chaotic Resemblance.”

“These guys are indeed talented musicians & they having a lot of fun with it.”

“Speaking of High Energy, Chaotic Resemblance is a non-stop, over the top Glam act that will blow you away with their live performance! These guys are going to be a household name in the near future. This is one of those bands that makes your heartbeat fast and smile from ear to ear. They have the look as well as the talent to make it to the next level for sure.”

“This is our 1st magazine we've ever been on the cover of! An awesome 15 page interview with us & Oz Fox of Stryper. Also tons of cool pics.”

“Production on a new feature film called God Gave Rock N' Roll To You by independent Filmmaker Chip Rossetti and Rossetti Productions is scheduled to begin in October. God Gave Rock N' Roll To You features real life rockers CHAOTIC RESEMBLANCE, playing the role of IRON CROSS, as well as an All Star line up of musicians, including John Schlitt (PETRA), members of STRYPER and several other rockers from Hair Bands glory days. - See more at: http://www.knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=16216#sthash.kiOvFm4h.dpuf”

“Three guys that look like they may have surfaced directly out of rock and roll hell - with a new drummer sitting in to make four guys that do resemble the chaotic rock and roll stereo type of the metal gods "look," "They're Here" to share a message of hope with you . With names like, Rexx Roxx/ Lead Singer, LA Ellis/Lead Guitar, Donnie Sixx/Bass, Sherman Boykin, current drummer; it's hard to believe this band of disciples has performed at Riker's Island Prison, and also opened up for some of the nations most controversial artist's, including Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Mike Tramp (White Lion), Devil City Angels, Faster Pussycat, and that is only naming a few of the many. Chaotic Resemblance is produced by the great, OZ Fox of STRYPER. Need I say more before you are rushing to download Get The Hell Out - today. With track titles like, War Paint, Invade, and Leave It All Behind , shear curiosity amp-ed me to review this metal messenger music train out of 3,000 plus submissions on Reverb.”

“Heavy Metal Missionaries Spread the News! Chaotic makes no attempt to hide their beliefs, on or off the stage, and doesn't think it has hurt them as a band.”

Cydney Baron - The Times "Rocklahoma 2015"

“Chaotic Resemblance returned to Vamp’d for this show; they had previously played Vamp’d earlier in the month opening for the Killer Dwarfs. These guys, while not from Vegas, have a huge fanbase out here; the venue was busier during their stint on stage than at any other point of the evening (including during the headliner’s set!) With an 80s rock look and a combination of old and new sounds alike, their mixture of original material and covers on the live stage wins over fans wherever they end up. It is no surprise that their reputation continues to grow in Sin City and beyond alike! Their shows are worth attending for any rock and roll fan.”

“Chaotic Resemblance continues to rise in fame; they were the Killer Dwarfs’ opening act this night. Kicking off this show was Chaotic Resemblance, a band that has been rising in popularity in recent months. They have an image not unlike that of the rock scene of the past, but their sound is slightly more modernized, giving audiences a high-energy performance. These guys had attracted a number of younger fans to Vamp’d, and I am proud to see a group like this keeping rock alive. Even more noteworthy is that, while they performed a handful of cover songs, the group mostly played original material. This is a group worth keeping your eye on, and I look forward to seeing them open for Steve Summers later this month! I will be the first to admit that I am a relative latecomer on the Killer Dwarfs bandwagon compared to some of the fans that have followed them for decades and attended this show. Despite that, this is a band whose antics and original sound won me over and made a fa”

“Mention the terms ‘hair band’ or ‘glam’ while referencing the eighties metal scene, and chances are there will be an automatic response: Someone will shout out Warrant, or Poison, or Stryper, or Skid Row, or Motley Crue, or perhaps even Bon Jovi. Inevitably, new school modern hair metal bands not nearly as popular or well-known but no less musically relevant are spoken of as well: Black Veil Brides, Hardcore Superstar, Gemini Five, Crazy Lixx, Desyre and Chaotic Resemblance. Hailing from Poteua, Oklahoma and founded in 2006 by vocalist Rexx Roxx, Chaotic Resemblance has gotten off to a strong start with a pair of EP releases to its credit, Chaotic Resemblance (2012) and Battle Lines (2013), in addition to its summer of 2014 Oz Fox (Stryper) produced full-length debut Get The Hell Out.”

“For American New Skool Sleaze band Chaotic Resemblance things aren’t much easier in the Glam condemned land of 21st century USA. Despite this, they are doing well and doing what they love. The band tells us that “some people have preconceived ideas of what Glam is but once people see that our style is so aggressive with some modern tuning they are blown away” For them, Glam Metal is “all about the fun loving high energy music get up on your feet and move”; despite the pop/hip hop mainstream which hangs as a heavy rain cloud over USA rockers, Chaotic Resemblance have been able to block it out and follow their passion.”

“We start the evening off with a rockin' set from Oklahoma mayhem masters, Chaotic Resemblance. They hit the stage running and don't stop. With numbers like the title track from their record "Get the Hell Out" and "War Paint", the crowd likes what they hear. Later, no rock show is complete without a mellow tune. "18 and Life" is the one that is chosen. But it doesn't stay mellow. Tonight, CR is only on one speed! Besides a few other selects from their CD, they do the heaviest version "Refugee" by Tom Petty I have ever heard. I am sure the reason why they chose that song is, "Why keep running when you can find peace in God's Son".”

“I really like that song... "get the he'll out" .... its about rebuking, removing, disowning and eliminating everything that remains in between us and the Kingdom of God... a high energy tune by four really awesome young men”

Richard Corbett - Unabashed Music Fest

“Chaotic Resemblance RAWKS it 80's style, but make no mistake this is not a tribute band or a cover band, their music is their own, fresh, new, and exciting. So make your plans to come and join us Thursday night, November 14, 2013.”

Grounds for Change - Righteous Rock Radio

“The U.S. Chaotic Resemblance makes glam rock as we were used to in the 80s. Bands like Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Europe and Stryper, many do now appeal to the imagination. Men made up and (almost) dressed as a woman entered the world when the stage. Chaotic Resemblance, wants to revive these times, decked with makeup and standing in the hair, like these guys are going to conquer the world. The purpose of the band is "bringing back the big hair and big songs." But who are those guys from Poteau, OK. We spoke to singer and guitarist Rexx Roxx.”

“These guys are incredible...I ordered both cds I could find! Gotta love their statement on CDBaby "We are a rock band band that also brings the message of Hope to a hurting World. Don't think we are some airy band that sings about some spirit that is gonna help us score weed. No, everything we do is to get the Message of Jesus Christ out to a Hurting World and of course the vehicle is Face Melting 70s and 80s style classic rock"”

Bought 4 Life - Delaware

“My first time seeing this band,WOW!Easily the most lively,energetic band of the show!Playing rock the way I remember it, the way it should be, loud,leather clad,high kicks and high hair! Not some guys imitating their Idols, No sir, this is real talent and top notch entertainment, with a familiar face! Check out their music here!”

Metal OKC Empire - Metalokc Empire

“I have only great things to say about Travis McConnell & as much as I love to hear him sing & minister, he is an all around joy to hang around with. He has a fantastic attitude about everything! I'm sure he will prosper in all he sets his hand to do! Please feel free to call me or email if you have any questions.”

Joyce Hamilton - Merf Music Group

“The 1st time I saw them play was at a battle of the bands in Clarksville AR. I've seen Travis play in 112 degree weather, sweating to death, but had a big smile on his face & had everyone in stands standing & singing out loud with him. We also have had them minister to the homeless at the Tulsa Dream Center. Travis has a great love for ministering to people in need. He had the people up dancing on there feet. For these folks it was like having there own little concert.”

Joyce Hamilton - Merf Music Group

“Had Chaotic Resemblance at our Back 2 School Bash. Service was exciting for our kids & they were challenged to go deeper! I would recommend them for any event to help draw people to the presence of the Lord, that would give people an encounter to remember.”

Pastor Josh McElyea - Warner First Assembly