Agents Of Chaos / Press

“Justifiable as it may be to parallel this band with these icons of Grunge (Alice In Chains/Soundgarden), that does not necessarily reflect the complete personality of AGENTS OF CHAOS. In their own way, "Window Pain" and "One Last Look" reveal another facet to the group. The first is a ballad strongly supported by the clear guitar voicing and arpeggios by BRIEN DeCHRISTOPHER. The second borrows from classic Heavy Metal with Brien's energetic guitar playing embellished nicely with harmonics.”

“There are many good points to Agents Of Chaos - great name, great vibe, a great vocalist in Jake McCoy Martin and some great songs - BUT I'm betting you've heard it all before.... Loads of people will enjoy the five tracks on offer because they place a blanket over a whole (Seattle) scene and more and, just like Godsmack, they'll do alright for themselves because they're more than decent.”

“Agents Of Chaos come from Seattle, if you weren’t aware of this it would become apparent within the first few minutes of the opening track ‘Face Down’. Alice In Chains were obviously a big influence on the band and their sound is very similar, but they have the ability to put their own spin on the post grunge sound. The 5 tracks on offer here are classy slabs of melodic rock with a grunge edge, the highlights being ‘ Cold War’ and ‘One Last Look’ which contains a low down, dirty riff which underpins the track. This EP is worth searching out, at the moment the band are without a label, but on the evidence here it should only be a matter of time before they are snapped up.”