chantilly / Press

“An acoustic curtsy for the pained at heart... the release is a doleful portrait of an artist as a young woman, one that is flush with lure and blemished love.”

“The album is really great, you guys. It has a sort of bluesy, folk, vintage feel to it. If I had to compare Chantilly's music, I'd describe it as maybe a mix between Amy Winehouse and She & Him. But don't take my word for it, go listen!”

“This week in the mail I received Chantilly's new EP and I've been listening to it pretty non-stop since Tuesday. Well worth it and you'll be supporting an indie artist!”

“Chantilly's new EP, Up to the Moon, hasn't left my CD player yet! She's too wonderful!”

“Chantilly [is] one of our favorite ladies... She's insanely talented, I was really impressed with all of the tracks on the album... Trust me, you NEED to hear this!”