Chanda Rule / Press

"I could listen to this lady all day..."

"What do you get when you mix spiritual melodies, lyrical grace, jazzy vocals, and R&B? You get a woman who carries a magnificent voice that explodes with clarity and beauty that is bound to fill your spirit to its rim with musical serenity..."

Soul Living - YMIB.com

"Embracing, blending and creatively expanding the boundaries of Jazz, Gospel and R & B, Chanda brings a 'whole nother take' to music... Rule lays her heart on the line; seeking to go beyond winning audiences - Chanda yearns to reach out, engage and inspire them through her music of love, life and hope... No easy task, yet Chanda's striking presence, vocal beauty, power and versatility never fails to command the stage - gracefully mesmerizing audiences, even when opening for such greats as India.Arie, Angela Bofill and Amel Larrieux."

San Viki Chapman - AWE

"Her powerful voice is characterized by superb diction...heartfelt intonation...and often aching beauty."

"Beautiful voice liquid clear, just beautiful."

Nnenna Freelon - Grammy Award Winning Artist

““I cried during your songs and I was moved and stretched from within on many occasions. I definitely wanted to shout, get up, and cheer over and over….” ”

Marj Kleinman - Audience member

"Whether she is working in a jazz, folk, world music, or soul-based motif, she conveys meaning convincingly, with a distinctive style and accomplished musicianship. Possessed of a supple, open, and delectably sweet vocal instrument that ranges effortlessly across the octaves, Chanda's concerts are joyous experiences that bring smiles to faces and warmth to hearts; they unite listeners in recognition of the transcendent power of an art that defies boundaries."

Jay Kaplan - Dweck Auditorium

"The sound is reminiscent of a young Oleta Adams that's been doused with holy (yet soulful) waters of Dinah, Ella, and Dianne Reeves all perfectly woven into a spiritual, musical experience."

Eddie Robinson - rhapsody.com

““When Chanda performed at my spiritual center in West Orange, I felt lifted, supported and inspired. Her voice and essence is welcome any time. Her heart and soul sing through her voice - what a gift she is!””

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh - Center for Spiritual Living, North Jersey

"Rising up from the overcrowded and often clichéd vocal scene in jazz, Chanda Rule is truly a breath that, once taken in, could sustain your life."

Cicily Janus - The New Face of Jazz

““Your music really moved us. For the first time I saw the gift of tears in the congregation.” ”

Rector, Rev. Willie J. Smith - Trinity Episcopal Church

““Chanda brings the purest voice, the purest joy and the sweetest Spirit to everything she is and does. She is an exquisite being, she reminds me what it means to be true to oneself.””

Rev. Frankie Timmers - Center for Spiritual Living, Morristown

"Sensual spiritual sensation."

Black Star News

“You made an evening of music about spirituality and not religion which can separate people. Your words and the music were available for everyone no matter what their beliefs were about the Creator. They made the room feel very much a safe space. You brought us together…” ”

Doug Motel - Storyteller, writer, speaker, and coach

““I'm moved by the singing and sharing like I never expected to be moved and am grateful…Being a part of your singing ministry allows me to express something inside of myself that I find no-where-else in my life. It is a rich, deep, organic, rooted experience that connects me to others while it moves me at the same time, in an enormously powerful way…””

Diane Dittrick - Barnard College

"More than an amazing performer, Chanda brings her audience into a direct engagement in the music and a direct experience of the joy and life-giving presence of Spirit."

Rev. Diane Berke - One Spirit Interfaith Seminary

““Chanda Rule's singing is an experience of absolute, sheer joy. Her soulfulness comes through each note, each movement, each song. The congregation is often moved to tears or to stand and dance in the aisles in celebration of the Divine. Chanda's music is food for the body and the Soul, the heart and the mind, young and old; you cannot help but be moved...deeply!””

August Gold - Inspirational Speaker & Author

"One of the brightest stars on the vocal jazz scene."

Marina Zarubin - Russia Today

"...American jazz singer Chanda Rule, the talented and very demanding performer with a magnificent bewitching voice, will perform. The pure and magnificent voice of Rule takes up the listener with its quality, which is quite rare on today’s music stage."

Ludmila Nikitina - The Baltic Times