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“Nostalgia claims it’s own sub-genre in hip hop nowadays and the heads over at Chamberlain Drive records have based most of their sporadic output on hitting those familiar notes with great precision. Self Taught’s latest effort is a fun-loving adaption of that golden era vibe, full of party starters, breezy smoke session zone-outs and the occasional freaky tale. Thankfully MCs Vintage and Cliff Herman keep things straight West Coast Canadian and offer a uniquely British Columbian perspective, preventing inevitable comparisons to the long line of post-millennial backpackers mining a similar vein. It’s not all plastic cups and passing blunts on the agenda, and while irreverent in it’s many care free moments, 5 Year Journey proves to be stark and contemplative amidst it’s more sober ones. Laments on the tedium of humdum 9 to 5′s and warnings of fake friends, easy women and the ever-present risk in the fondness of certain recreational substances are among the subject matter that”

“When they sent me their new album, 5 Year Journey, it struck me that Vancouver hip hop outfit Self-Taught chose a very appropriate name for themselves. Im sure it certainly describes how they learned their craft, but to me its fitting because the guys that invented hip hop actually created this movement & music that we all love by teaching themselves how to cut a record and move the crowd whilst on the mic. So anyhoo, I enjoy Self-Taught’s name, but what of their album? ST is actually a 3-man crew: MC/Producers Vintage and Cliff Herman (who are also known as Cloud City Classic), and they are joined by “the soul singing crooner” Jay Robillard. After being through the album (which, by the way, continues the theme of appropriate name-ed-ness considering their last release was in 2006) a few times, I can see that their hip hop lessons have paid off. Five Year Journey is a great listen, featuring very solid production all the way through and confident work from the 2 MCs & one soul s”

“Once upon a time, not long ago, there was a place that existed on the internet called myspace. It was a wondrous place where people came together to judge each other ruthlessly and to promote their shitty bands. It was a place most people try to forget and even more pretend to never have been a part of, but I remember my days of myspace, at least the parts I choose to remember.”

“New music from a group that I wasn’t familiar with before. Yes, folks, it’s okay to listen to stuff you’ve never heard of before…It’s called discovering stuff for yourself. Off the soap box, this isn’t anything that is going to blow heads away, but it’s quality hip hop, just another chalk mark on the board that hip hop isn’t dead, you just got to find it for yourself. I do have to say, “Yes,” is my jam. The piano sample is illy, I can see this being played a lot in the coming months.”

“Big ups to the homie BeatRoot for sending this one over. “Brand New Kicks” is a FREE album from Vancouver-based hip-hop group Cloud City Classic. While I normally stay away from 90′s style throwback albums these days, this one really hit for me when I downloaded it the other day. Check it out. Click below to download Cloud City Classic’s “Brand New Kicks” for FREE:”

“Coming from two west coast rappers is this slice of true school hip hop, carefully and properly prepared in the Canadian cloud (kush?) city - Vancouver. One of the rappers is Inkspill, an emcee with whom I am currently making a few tracks; the other emcee, Sadler, is one half of the rap group Self Taught. With great boom bap beats, smooth rhymes, proper cuts, and a solid vibe, this album is a true to life project that is definitely worth more than a quick scan. The fact that it is available for free is nice, but don't let it detract from the overall value - it's good shit. Check it out.”

“For Sound Sunday, I try to maintain a broad spectrum when selecting albums that make it to the list each week. However, I can not deny that my personal taste determines the details. The only way this can be changed is if you give specific and constructive feedback. Name the music genres you enjoy, suggest bands or free albums you love, and I promise you will meet open ears. In the meantime, please share what you love with your cherished circle and support the artists where you can.”

“First video from Cloud City Classic - these guys are straight up, laid back, chill. I like 'em give them a shout and support. Free album download available @http://chamberlaindrive.bandcamp.com/album/brand-new-kicks ”

“The good homie David, hit us up on the inbox, with this dopeness by Cloud City Classic, from his label Chamberlain Drive. "Brand New Kicks" is a mix of throwback & progressive hip-hop on a well delivered package.”

“Album and Video”

“Vancouver based record label, Chamberlain Drive, releases Cloud City Classic album called Brand New Kicks. They also have a video for Brand New Kicks ft K-Rec. Keep up to date with Chamberlain Drive with their facebook fan page.”

“If you dig this, grab Brand New Kicks for free.”

“Cloud City Classic’s debut album, Brand New Kicks, is a throwback to mid 90’s hip-hop with nicotine beats and Palm Bay flows.”

“Hit the jump to download the full album… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

“Video and free album from Vancouver group Cloud City Classic (Inkspill and Cliff Herman from Self Taught).”