Challenges / Press

“If you like Handguns, This Time Next Year, New Found Glory, and all that other good stuff, you’ll dig Challenges.”

“The band has come a long way since their demo and shows plenty of potential with this one. Fortunately I've been able to see them a few times, they are a high energy band full of great dudes.”

““We Ruined the Neighborhood” is what I consider a “break-through” album. Most band’s make their first full-length and end up making music ten times better with their next album. I don’t see how Challenges could do that with “We Ruined the Neighborhood”. This album is a complete and perfect collection of music. Each song is great and unforgettable.”

“With bands like Four Year Strong, Transit, Man Overboard, and The Wonder Years releasing awesome pop-punk music recently, we can now add Challenges to the list.”

“This is one of the best things I have ever heard.”

“Challenges make things fun again.”

“The First 2011 cd i heard (well after foxfires and the carrier but i ‘ve heard those in 2010) is Challenges.Challenges is a pop punk band from Millbury MA.Their sound is very fresh and i really liked what i ve hears from these 5 young dudes.The vocals need a little improvement but i like their spirit and their energetic sound.They kind of remind young sum 41 and that consequently brings me memories from high school and that rules!these dudes are definately have lots of potential and talent in there and i’m sure they’re going to sign to great label with this effort.one thing is sure,that “we ruined the neighborhood” is going to turn lots of heads.”

“If you are looking for a fresh punk-pop band that is fun and catchy, then you should definitely check out these guys. They are the nicest group of people I have talked to in a long time, and they worth the download! (Recommended by Matthew of House Of Locals)”