“Hey Chad! I am really diggin the tunes man. I love how melodic everything is. To me, thats what instrumental music is all about. Its not supposed to be a 5 minute guitar shred solo from front to back. The guitar replaces the vocals and I really think you nailed that. Great work man!! ”

Rikk Beatty - Rikk Beatty Band

“Laguna Guitars Hi Chad - thanks for the kind words; great playing!!!”

Laguna Guitars

“Hi Chad I like your clean, tasteful guitar playing. Please let me have an album to consider for review when it's ready.”

“MUSIC "Rip It" was a cool tune. Very Satriani with some heavy extras. "Waiting on You" was a refreshing movement to a clean, exploratory sound. Sounds like you and Mark Knopfler hung out or something.... "The Wrong Reasons" was indeed my favorite of all of the tunes. Great drum rhythm and love the guitar melodies. The texture was nice and the timing change took me by surprise....cool! "Awake in a dream" was very jazzy....kind of an odd placement, but, well....shows versatility as an instrumental guitarist From Raymond @ ”

“ Chad is a well rounded player. Has the chops to shred but has restraint and a melodic approach that reminds me of George Lynch. Great player, Great music. Go on, Chad! ”