Chad Elliott / Press

"Elliott, of Coon Rapids (northwest of Des Moines), wowed the judges with two original tunes, “Swear I Could” and “Headed My Way,” showing off sophisticated writing skills, strong vocals and guitar work and poise, with nice harmonies from Crowe."

"This review has been a long time coming because I absolutely love this album. Normally billed as a folk singer, Elliott’s songs all tell finely crafted stories and his mastery of written word is apparent on all of them. His vocals remind me of Townes Van Zandt or a possessed Rodney Crowell. Many of the songs have a very haunting feel to them and the sound meanders from straight folk to country with a splash of delta blues thrown in at times."

"There’s something warming about an open, what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality and with Chad Elliott it transfers to the stage very naturally. His first song of the night, “Swear I Could” featured a rocking beat, with country hooks and a folk presentation. This great song, like many of the others Chad played on this evening, has not been recorded yet. That tells me that Elliott is an ongoing, productive writer and story teller with a lot to offer music fans for years to come."

"Chad is often compared to famous Iowa songwriter-cum-poet Greg Brown, but the comparison sells them both short. They are both Iowa voices to be treasured, but as different as they are similar. Theirs are not so much unique stories, but songs from unique storytellers, both to be treasured for their Iowa perspectives."

“Since then, [Chad Elliott] has developed a sound that can be held alongside performers like Bo Ramsey and William Elliott Whitmore as being distinctly Iowa. A tireless songwriter, Elliott’s creativity seems boundless, and the next album is always right around the corner.”

“If you’ve heard Chad Elliott’s music you know the guy to be a songwriting workhorse and lyrical powerhouse. You're reminded of things I like to call the emotional basics - Love, spirituality, change and loss.”

“The music seems to carry on in the tradition of the ‘Iowa Sound’ started decades ago. For those that don’t know, ‘The Iowa Sound’ is a ‘distinctive combination of folk, blues and roots-rock that perfectly captures the rugged artistry of Iowa's landscape.’ Pretty much Chad Elliott.”