Djblack Ceza-aka DaLandLordOfDaSouth / Press

“BLACK CEZA RECORDS & CEZA RADIO Hi I'm Djblack Ceza- aka DaLandLordOfDaSouth..I'm a Dj for 1 Major CEZA RADIO Stations and i just want to introduce myself.. to you and i would love to talk to you to see just how we can help our selves..My Number is: 662-995-0679 Djblack Ceza- cezamixcds@usa.com Mix Tapes cezaradio@gmail.com All Music Mp3 djblackceza@gmail.com Dirty Music ceoofblackcezarecords@gmail.com Business cezagirls@usa.com Models Info http://cezaradio.com”

“Music is Godly..so why not sing a song..”