Ceschi / Press

"...Fake Four is the most important label in progressive hip-hop right now..." "The One Man Band Broke Up, is a triumph of triumphs. Profound at every turn,...showcases his voluminous vocal range and sharp, authentic songwriting."

"Not only does Ceschi seamlessly fuse hip hop, folk and psychedelia on the new record, he does it with panache. In an industry flooded with artists deluded into seeing themselves as jacks-of-all-trades, Ceschi is the real deal. He can transition from a straight folk ballad (”Lament For Captain Julius”) to rapid-fire, tongue-twisting flows on the next track without missing a beat." ..."The One Man Band Broke Up is one of the best conceptual hip hop records to drop in the past decade."

"Ramos is like a Krav Maga master with a mic; every utterance seems calculated to inflict maximum damage."..."...it will take you places that few other artists dare to tread.

"...some of the best material Ceschi has ever produced. No songs stand out as being weak links..." "...not only Ceschi’s best work, but some of the best examples of alternative hip hop in recent years." "Ceschi’s greatest skill, inhumanly precise flow aside, has always been his wild juxtaposition of genres, and this trend continues on The One Man Band Broke Up. Very few records, if any, manage to channel hip hop, pop, psychedelia and folk into the same forty minutes while remaining as accessible as this."