Cerebral Entertainment / Press

"From a band's point of view... Ian and Cerebral Entertainment are a staple of what makes an amazing production company. Honest, fair, and willing to put himself on a limb for bands, Ian is aiding in the success of bands of all sizes, and will soon be in a city near you!!! Thanks dude!"

Jeremy Langham - The Approach And The Execution

“A real stand up guy who goes out of his way to promote and back bands that he believes in. As a veteran of the music business, who has seen MANY promotions come and go, I believe that Cerebral Entertainment is going about things in the right way. With integrity and commitment. He works tirelessly for his artists, at times sacrificing his own profit to present a better show, also bringing in top tier talent from around the area. Promoting shows through various forms of media, as well as word of mouth. It's so refreshing to show up at a venue and have the actual promoter in house! He also establishes and maintains excellent contact and constantly updates his bands with show details, offers, and possible opportunities. Not many promoters will or are willing to go that extra distance that Ian does. So in closing, if you're in the Northeast Ohio region and you're looking to be No.1, book a show with No.1: Cerebral Entertainment. And like Stan Lee said: "Make mine Cerebral!”

Thomas Fox - Give The Signal

"He may be new to the solo booking deal, but he's not new to the game. Ian knows exactly what needs to be done to keep a music scene going, and he has no problem accomplishing it. In a city in north Ohio, Kent to be exact, that has lacked a great music scene for a while, Ian and his mentor/teacher John have resurrected the vibe that Kent once had. Even with the talent, you're not a great promoter/booking agent unless you can earn the respect from the bands you've worked with. Ian has no problem gaining the respect he deserves. He treats bands with decency and respect. On top of that he actually talks to the bands and shows up to the shows unlike a lot of promoters that just want the money. This guy may be in his youth with Cerebral, but as someone that has dealt with him many many times, I can tell Cerebral and Ian are going to be taking over the entire Northeast Ohio scene real soon."

Kevin Richards - LifeOnceLoved

"One of the best booking agency's in Kent. Classy, courteous, and smart is a simple way to put it. They hook the bands up with the best audio technicians for each show. They respect you if you respect them and on top of that they hook you up with the best venue in town."

Derek Pincombe - Conceded

"Cerebral Entertainment is a honest & fair booking agency. Kinda weird, but it's so true."

Taco Taylor - Edge of Excess

"He looks like Thor."

John Moore - FaceDown Entertainment