Cerebellion / Press

“Never mind regeneration, this is much more a case of Cerebellion's reaffirmation. 8/10 Powerpoints”

“The hefty time between releases has only seen Cerebellion grow into a masterful metal/rock proposition, but you know whilst listening to Regeneration, you still get the feeling there is plenty more untapped inside the band’s creativity.”

“I like the band’s musical variety from foot stomping metal through to quieter moments showing the band have plenty of potential in the future.”

“The grooves and energy draw a lot from Tool but these guys also have some really interesting softer textures including the great use of flamenco acoustic guitars. Just excellent all around.”

“Their style hit me square in the face and I must admit, I liked what I sampled.”

"If you want a real band without labels and limits, then Cerebellion is the band you have been waiting for.

“...Very fresh take (at least to my ears) on what metal can be. Kudos and I hope to hear more in this vein! ”

“Cerebellion gets multiple nominations from MetalUnderground.com for their Best of 2010 Awards. Cerebellion was one of only a handful of bands to be nominated, and one of even fewer to receive multiple nominations for the Best Metal Newcomers in 2010 category.”

“We can't name just one favorite, but groups like I Hate You Just Kidding, Roosterhead, CEREBELLION, Northern Labour Party, Colorfield Bridge, Ugly Girls and Bullets for Breakfast are among the many that we've loved.”

“The hints of cryptic progressive rock throughout--time shifts, abstract lyrics about individuals lost in political and social constructions--further play up other sonic and aesthetic connections beyond simply cranking the amps.”

“Cerebellion's 'Inalienable' is an indubitably great alt-metal disc, featuring expert musicianship and solid songwriting. If you're looking for a genre-bending experience, you'll love what you hear here.”

“Inalienable is a demonstration of Cerebellion’s chemistry between its members; the synergy that can be created when a band works as one to produce a sound that isn’t confined by labels or genres.”