Centric / Press

“Centric Played first, the energy they displayed was very noticeable. The venue wasn't that packed as it was still early, however you would have thought they were playing to a packed crowd. Every original song they played featured very catchy guitar riffs and you couldn't help but find yourself tapping your feet and banging your head. Their lead singer TJ has a very pure voice and he has some great natural vocal talent. You could tell that they put alot of time into song composition because everything was well written. Throughout their set it felt like a musical journey and it didn't sound like the same songs... In this business I have my personal saying. "You get what you put into it". In my opinion Centric puts alot into their music and their shows and they truly care about the performance they put on and won't settle for an average performance. After seeing them perform for the first time, I can say that I believe in what they do. If you haven't seen them, then you are missing out.”

“Lead singer TJ”

TK of 103.5 - Hard Rock Rising