Central Funktion / Press

“Few bands sound as if they are having as much fun as Central Funktion. But this Kingston, Tenn., quintet have a lot more than just enthusiasm going for them. On the group's sophomore release, "Teenage Geezer (an EP)," these guys churn out hook-laden rootsy rock that's hard to resist.”

“Central Funktion has obviously absorbed the best moments from the "Nuggets" albums, maybe some Flamin' Groovies, and wallowed in the greats of 1970s rock and come out smelling like beer-soaked roses.”

“While [they] may at first sound simply like a good-time party band, CF is loaded with curve balls. "Moving Out West (Leaving the Nest)" includes some snarky organ-work that nearly nicks the opening to "California Girls" then goes into a bit of dialogue and layered harmonies. Heck, it's a mini-opera.”

“Horn player Mark Ellis helps give songs a distinctive, boost and lead singer Corey Finnell has just enough growl with his croon to make it all sound a little dirty. Turn it up loud. ”

“Despite the band’s name, there’s very little funk on Central Funktion’s Teenage Geezer. There are occasional horn breakdowns, as on “O River” and at the end of “Assault on the Earth,” and the disc has soul.”

“Just don’t get the idea that the Kingston band will be giving you jams of either the James Brown or the jam-band variety. Teenage Geezer is, for the most part, straight-ahead rock served neat and in a tall glass.”

“[They] move easily from exuberant power pop (“Girls”) to laidback acoustic ballads (“Assault on the Earth”), with a weird, Frank Zappa-meets-the-Beach Boys freakout (“Moving Out West”) thrown in for good measure. A solid effort with just enough surprises to keep you guessing.”

“Led by the vocals and guitar of Corey Finnell, whose sizzling string-bends and amiable, Elvis Costello-like voice opened the door for the group, the outfit relied on the lead guitar of Joey Murray, whose clean and deep tone complimented well the dynamic.”

“With Jackson Deal's funky fingerstyle bass tripping up and down the neck and Andrew Nance's compressed dynamics and high tones on drums keeping the beat steady, Mark Ellis put on a finishing gloss with ballsy brass and keyboards...”

“Central Funktion further transcends time through the frequent incorporation of doo-wop, a cappella and occasional synthesizers, all of which make an appearance on the forthcoming "Teenage Geezer." The catch is that the band is releasing this EP expressly via the Internet.”

“Central Funktion has a knack for combining equal parts of its well-rounded components of Southern rock guitar riffs and solos, backing brass and distinctly charming vocals.”