Celtic Thunder / Press

“Celtic Thunder has never been a disappointment and this CD is no exception! There is something for everyone and every mood.”

“Phil Coulter and Sharon Browne have yet to fail me! I have listen to Celtic Thunder since March of 2008 and still love them! Even more than when I first heard them”

“The product description of It's Entertainment is spot on. What you get here is an enthusiastic collection of songs from some of their own musical influences and favorite artists. You can tell that they've had a blast doing their own take on music that speaks to them”

“I am thrilled with Celtic Thunder's new release! Didn't think they could get much better.....yet, here you go!!!!! A definite must! Music SO tight...production superb.....photography excellent!”

“Their best singing to date! Wonderful melody, harmony, style and good fun! So happy to hear Neil Byrne sing in this CD. He's got the voice of an angel. More Neil in the future I hope!!!! ”

“Celtic Thunder HAS done it again. These lads have always exceeded expectations and this is no exception. I couldn't possibly pick any musical favorites, as they are all great. Their exceptional blending of voices, their fun personalities and now choreography-who could ask for more!”

“Celtic Thunder's chameleon career hits another 5-star performance with It's Entertainment. This is Sharon Brown's and Phil Coulter's latest effort and what a hit it is! This is a little different from the other CD's Celtic Thunder produced, but it is on the way to becoming another hit!”

“I highly recommend this CD! You'll love it!!”

“Absolutely LOVE it!! Love the singing, the dancing, the interaction and the "old time" songs! Some brought back some great memories. Also loved the bonus part at the castle!”

“Just received my copy today....fantastic job with the whole show. I can not wait to see the live version when you tour. It was really great to see how much the guys have grown as performers and artists”

“Truly without a doubt " AMAZING"”

“Very entertaining, very energetic, very "slick", very professional! GREAT JOB, GUYS!! I especially liked "The Story So Far"”

“AMAZING I got both the CD and DVD and I love it. I was there at the taping and it brought back so many memories. Can not wait o see it on tour. The guys were out of this world as only they can be. The band was great. Sharon and Phil you did it again.”

“received my DVD today...Got the CD earlier in the week. The name fits....IT'S ENTERTAINMENT at it's finest! Thanks CT.”


“Celtic Thunder has outdone themselves again. I loved th CD and DVD. It really is ENTERTAINMENT!”

“Received my copy of "It's Entertainment" CD today. Fantastic music can't wait till the DVD gets here. By the way it's only Monday ( somehow I received my CD Early).”

“Just bought my copy of the "It's Entertainment" album. Really good stuff! Looking forward for "Storm" to come out!”

“Couldn't wait for my CDs and DVDS, so went out today and bought some more. CD is wonderful, listened to it all the way home. Am just getting ready to watch the DVD and am excited already. THANK YOU ALL FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!”

“I just received my copies of It's Entertainment. I am vey pleased with it, once again, YOU MADE MY DAY. You are my favorite group”

“I bought the cd and dvd of "It's Entertainment". I love it! Looking forward to the Storm and the fall tour. Thank you. Love.:))”

“BRILLIANT!!!! Absolutely Brilliant! Had preordered both the DVD and CD which arrived yesterday despite all our bad weather and haven't stopped watching and listening since! Sharon and Phil - completely outdid yourselves. Any fans who haven't bought it - run out now!!!!”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the new CD/DVD. So amazing, already watched it about 10 times..and plenty more times to come.”

“Got the DVD and CD yesterday. It's completely AMAZING!!!!!! You out did yourselves!”

“The new songs rocked as well, Damian McGinty,George Donaldson, Paul Byrom, Ketih Harkin. All of you have amazing voices. Damian your voice is just amazing! I could go on and on, I highly recommend it. I think it's the BEST ever! Everyone did a brilliant performance. ”

“The absolutely best group of singers! Y'all's voices blend so well. I wouldn't be able to drive without one of your CD's going.”