The Lash / Press

“It's so refreshing when a group of traditional musicians deviate from the predictable path and let their music lead them into new territory. Michigan-based group, The Lash, fuse the framework of traditional Irish music with rock, punk and even techno stylings to create a unique form of music.”

The Minnesota Daily, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“The Lash is that rare band that manages to have it both ways- they bring together the fire and fury of rock and roll with the mysterious, otherworldly joys and sorrows of traditional Celtic music and the results are strong and engaging fun.”

Capitol Times, Lansing, MI

“The Lash has a polished stage act. They bring back the best traditions of rock and roll energy, showmanship, and good humor and meld them with Celtic lyricism and melody.”

Chicago Barfly, Chicago, IL

“The Lash- a powerhouse of an act- rocked the vocal crowd. Their music flowed from traditional Irish to Zydeco and Ska; a definite and refreshing change.”

The Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, MI

“The Lash represents a traditional music movement that may have escaped the mainstream by virtue of escaping definition.”

The Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids, MI

“The Lash is not one of those wannabe bands that jumped out of the woodwork to hop on the Riverdance bandwagon; it’s a real deal Celtic rock band.”

The Rock Island Argus, Rock Island IL