Anne Roos / Press

"Anne plays the finest Celtic Harp version of Stairway to Heaven ever made."

"We love you, Anne! You are a delight and, honestly, the only thing that classes up this joint."

"Elegant and classy is the only way to describe Anne Roos’ musicianship. The way she plays the under appreciated harp is simply incredible and every true music lover will become an instant fan like I did."

"Many of the pieces [on "Haste to the Wedding"] have a positively ethereal feel...As a device for brides to choose music for their weddings, this is a clever idea; as a keepsake favor from a wedding, it would be a delight.

“Anne Roos is an amazing harpist, and this CD [A Light in the Forest] showcases her talents beautifully...Roos’ harp music is effortless. Gliding and sliding over notes, she shows her skill time and again...”

“Anne Roos is a superb harpist....and "Haste to the Wedding" is one of the best Celtic and Renaissance harp CDs you will ever find. It is also an excellent guide for any Olde World wedding.”

“Roos is a master of the enchanting, angelic Irish harp, and these CDs tell cinematic, romantic stories more vividly than narratives with extraneous things like words ever could.”

“When you give one of Anne Roos’ CDs, you are sharing more than the gift of enchanting music. Each disc of Celtic harp music is accompanied by a book with beautiful words and images to support the wondrous journeys you will take with each of her three CDs.”

“Anne Roos’ melodic Celtic harp [on the Mermaids & Mariners album] carried us away to briny breezes and dreams. Her CD case is also a lovingly designed book. Sweet!”

“It's beautiful music and absolutely stunning packaging. "Mermaids & Mariners" is actually a 24-page book containing an instrumental CD, featuring Anne Roos on the Celtic harp, with guitar, fiddle, and viola. This recording celebrates the lure of the sea through ballads, laments, and sea shanties.”

“Anne Roos' 5.1 Surround Sound CD , "A Light in the Forest", In the hands of a lesser player than Anne Roos, this could have easily been an exercise in prancing around the pixie dust, but Roos’ research, design sensibility, and, most of all, her masterful playing makes this project a delight. ”

“Celtic Radio gives Anne Roos' "A Light in the Forest" CD a 5+ star rating for truly a masterpiece production of sound and music. The included CD mini-book is certainly the best and most unique production that we have seen in our 7 years of operation...”

"Lovely" and "enchanting" are two words that come to mind in describing "Mermaids & Mariners". Anne Roos is an accomplished Celtic harpist, and she is joined by equally accomplished friends to form an ensemble that makes music at the crossroads of Celtic and "ancient music."

“If I had to choose just one word to describe this new book by Anne Roos, it would be WOW!...Whether you have played one wedding or one hundred, you will benefit greatly from her book, "The Musician's Guide to Brides".”

“Easy to use, clearly laid out, and very well-written, Anne Roos' book is a superb manual for anyone wanting to break into the world of wedding gigs or for that matter any gigs, as many of the principles explored can be adapted to most musical engagements.”