Celloman's compositional force / Press

"I liked your music John, an impressive set!"

"Interesting Day is the best! Keep up the good work!"

"Good luck with your classical training you will be getting with the pursuit of your degree. I am sure your compositions will bloom as a result."

"I think this is the first of this type of music I've heard on here. It is very cool ;). I'll be back everyday for a listen or two."

"...I find your work very interesting. Very good job!"

"'Chaos Road' Interesting theatrical dissonant dramatic minimalist..."

"I love your sound- it is so original. I hope you are going to develop those amazing sketches."

"I love your tracks... It's so wonderful!"

"...good luck with your compositional pursuits."

"I'm adding fans because I sincerely like your music."

"I like the varied motives and elements here and you obviously have a strong orchestral leaning..."