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"Keller Williams meets Zoe Keating"

Eric DeAratanha - Eric DeAratanha

“He says he started singing songs to wake people up and turn them on to life, which is still the technique he uses today. His topics include social and earth justice, consumerism and simply being happy.”

“If you're looking for the rare artist who isn't just another egoist trying to get people to join their cult of personality and make them famous and rich, I beseech you to call up Cello Joe”

Gabe Dominguez - "San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival" + SHAKE YOUR PEACE!

“He could entertain a tiara off a princess and then play Bach on it.”

“Joey gave a whimsical and heartful performance at the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival 2008, and had the audience singing along with gusto on a couple of his numbers. He lent his spirit to our event. ”

Paul Freedman - bicycle music festival

“joey chang is a generously gifted and highly original musician. taking the cello into new uncharted areas. playing cello while beatboxing, backing up rappers, creating interesting and inventive improvisations, and lots more. i myself have been inspired by joey's fresh approach.”