Cello Figaro / Press

“Making his Gowhere debut, we have some hot new music from Virginia artist Cello Kid, with his single “The Cha$e”. Cello Kid delivers here on this track from beginning to end with a killer bounce to his flow and a rather catchy hook. The beat is very hot, and has this bag-pipe feel to it with a heavy bass line that when it kicks in, you feel it. Not to mention, that he is the brains behind the production, being that he’s a producer, songwriter, and a true artist that could make some noise come time. We can expect to catch the video for this track coming soon, and for this track to be off his upcoming album H.e.r and Other Drugs, dropping May 28th. I suggest you just take the listen.”


“Talented Rapper + Complete Musician Cameron Cloman, who goes by the stage-name of Cello Kid, is an alternative hip-hop artist originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although on the surface Cameron may seem like just a talented new-school, hip-hop MC, his deep-rooted knowledge of music set this Midwest MC apart. Cello Kid is, as you may have guessed, a classically trained cellist, and he is currently learning the guitar, piano, drums, and trumpet. This extensive musical knowledge is helping this young man, who now resides in Virginia Beach, to be a complete musical act, as a producer, songwriter, and performer. With musical influences of Kanye West, Mos Def, N.E.R.D., and the Harvard-educated Ryan Leslie, it is no surprise to find out Cello Kid possesses has a plethora of talent. Although some may consider this a bold claim, his delivery reminds me of Jermaine’s (aka J. Cole’s).”


“Virginia Beach artist/producer Cello Kid makes a strong surge into the independent music scene with his latest album, H.E.R. And Other Drugs. Using drug metaphors to explain his love and passion for music, the Minneapolis-born MC delivers raw, original content that creates a project that will not be forgotten. Cello also handles the majority of the production on this album, with features including Steven Q., Ataraxis of the PicUp Kids, Will Moore, and more. Songs to pay close attention to are "Engaged 2 Mary", "The Cha$e", "Coca La Bella" and "Easter Pink".”

Artistic Manifesto

“I really, REALLY like this EP. Reminds of some classic KanYe shit. Cello is really diverse as far of his sound goes. His wordplay was entertaining on this and the production is like perfect. He truly incorporated the theme of the project into each and every track. There is literally something for everyone to enjoy on this one. Cello Kid has definitely stepped it up and I'm already excited to hear what he has next for us! People, I know you need some dope shit for the summer, def check out H.e.r. & Other Drugs!!!”

The Girl They Call Es

“In such a saturated world of music, it's really hard to find new music that is unique and truly inspiring. The ultimate goal is to have that "ah ha" moment once you hit play. I randomly started listening to this project on track 4 "The Cha$e". AH HA! Unique, inspiring, different, fresh, new... all words that came to mind as the album played. Such a great project. Cello Kid is the truth. Listen to this from top to bottom. You're welcome...”

Donuts & Milk