“You are very talented very unique voice. Keep making music girl!”


“Hi Celestine, I really enjoyed and absorbed this song you sang I'm Not Alone! Your voice is Phenominal! Never Hold Back. The words brought out the emotion and gave me chills when you sang, especially when you sang the chorus! Keep singing for God and His people! Never Stop! Your fan, Heleana Maria”

Heleana Maria

“At THE CROSS is a beautiful song. Celestine your voice is so captivating and powerful!!! From the first note you had my attention.”

Jonathan Tambe

“Thank you so much, Your songs here are beautiful and inspiring. I love your vocals, I loved your video "Friendship" too. Congratulations for all you are achieving. Peace and blessings, Sue”

Sue Trickey

“FRIENDSHIP brought a tear to my eye . . . watering. What a nice song, you have a wonderful style and message. What and WHO is a friend? Just listen . . . Great!!!”

King Crab

“YOU are amazing and beautiful! I'm soooooooo glad you're Dad dragged you out of hiding when you were a kiddo - into all that God has gifted you with and called you to. Many Blessings Beloved!!! :)”

Angela Kalli

"Celestine has a remarkable voice" "String and keyboard work are absolutely top-notch"

Dean Ramos - Illinois Entertainer

“Hi Celestine, This song Everything brought me to my knees crying and thinking of all the wonderful miraculous things God has done for me as well. Keep them coming! The Emotion in your beautiful voice singing these words from God is Nothing short of Awesome! God bless you and your ministry greatly, Your friend and fan, Heleana Maria”

Heleana Maria

“WOW, I LOVE HOW YOU SING FROM YOUR HEART. Great job. I enjoy your music. I believe God uses all types of gospel music for his glory.YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL VOICE. Let's keep the lords work going together.”


“Girl! You have a beautiful voice!! Praise God! Thank you so much for sharing you're wonderful gift with the world! Let's keep singing for Our Lord Jesus!”

Jasmine Zervas

“Celestine! Thanks for inspiring the world with your wonderful music. It's people like you who keep music lovers wanting more. Great, peaceful sound. Keep making beautiful music for a greater purpose! xo -Laura K Webb”

Laura K Webb

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the many wonderful gifts God has bestowed upon you. I have enjoyed everything I have heard so far. I look forward to hearing more from you. I really like "Transparent" because that is something we all need to be in order to be real with others, but most of all real with ourselves. Keep up the great work for the Kingdom! Peace and God bless you always!”


“I love your song "I'm not Alone" .This is a song that can give comfort to many people!!!”

Charlie Moix

“Wow at number ten on the charts when I first heard you, I have to say I liked the song Transparent and a few more of your songs. I clicked on I'm not Alone to add to my favorites. I can see you at number one soon,,”

Jeffrey Showell

“Great Voice "Awesome"....Beautiful! Anointed! Touching! Breathtaking! Thank God for your father draging you to the front to sing, my mother did the samething to me when I was 6... what an awesome gift you have from the Father!”

“What a voice! Strong, sincere, and full of spirit. Love it! I really liked "Everything's All Right". It really is! I believe it, hearing it from you! - Peace, love and snow from Montana - Tom”

Tom Balek

"Celestine has a terrific voice; warm, clear which is obviously tailor made for this kind of material." " Transparent, the title track, is much more the kind of track I look for; a killer song, a neat arrangement and a vocal to die for. My particular favourite."

Steve Gilmore - Rebel Riffs

“I heard Celestine in January 2010. This original music was well written and was some of the best I have experienced in years! The songs tell a story, and with the classical style of keyboardist Mike Barry it pulled the music all together in a wonderful way. I highly recommend!”

Mike E. - Church Service in Orland Park, IL

“Celestine and her band where wonderful! The team work they displayed showed real effort of doing a good job. They where all very happy to help with more than their own responsibilities. Then to top it off, the talent was goose bump making! After booking Celestine, I heard nothing but constant excellent reviews from the listeners.I will be booking Celestine again!”

Rebecca J. R. E. - Ministry of Hope

“Celestine performed in my church recently. She did a terrific job. I highly recommend her for your event. Celestine is a born again Christian who will move you with her testimony. She has a quality voice which she dedicates to her Lord in song. ”

Tom Ferguson - Pastor

“I 've known Celestine not too long ago and was impressed after i heard her songs in our church here in Gurnee. I like singing too which makes me closer to God, and the way she sings brings glory to every soul i know esp. myself. keep up the good talents you have Celestina. God bless you and your family.”

Rey Iglesia - Gurnee Church