Celeigh Cardinal / Press

“On the Rocks Review-- If you could hear the Northern Lights it’d sound like Celeigh Cardinal. I got to see Celeigh and Ben Tassell play the Happy Hour at On the Rocks on Friday where they grooved out the dinner crowd for a couple hours. And what a treat it was. Celeigh stretches out those “oohs” ‘til they’re stars, moons, and summer nights. In their rendition of Spooky, the eerie sound Celeigh brought to some of her high notes sent shivers down our spines. She swoons the melancholy blues with her relaxed crooning and you’re right there in that heartache. Ben’s guitar accompaniment blends flawlessly with her agile vocals. He keeps up with her pace and her rolling up and down the scales. And his harmonies were superb. They really brought a cool cool sound to this dinner crowd. I look forward to seeing more of this refreshing duo. You can see Celeigh at Bannock Burger (10704-124 St) on June 10th at 6:30 pm. She is a must see entertainer.”

Shelley Ann Reichelt - Edmonton Music and Live Events

“She is one of the most recognizable, and respected musicians in the Peace Region. I learned this before even seeing her live, because her peers and fellow musicians speak highly of her talents. It has become common knowledge that she is the best Blues performer North of Edmonton. Celeigh has an incredible singing voice, and the style she sings in proof. Celeigh sings the blues, and even the best blues song can be lost if the performer doesn’t make you feel their story. After watching Celeigh perform, one feels as if they’ve experienced the stories that her songs tell. The mark of a true performer is someone who relates to her audience, and Celeigh does just that.”

Kiel Kelly, Program Director 104.7 Free FM

"Her gift with singing the Blues is exceptional and her emotion filled voice is hypnotic"

Teresa Wouters, Founder of Alberta Live Entertainment, Music Promoter, PREDA Art

"She is an incredible performer with a smoking hot voice, and i catch her every chance i get..."


"(A) soul folk songstress.."

Grande Prairie Herald Tribune

“By far the best vocalist in the Peace Country, period.”

Rock 97.7 Radio, Grande Prairie