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“Celebration Guns have come a long way from their debut demo EP a little under a year ago and their direction is uncompromised. Sure, their arrangements have become certainly more complicated, especially the percussion magic of Timothy O’Brien, but they have solidified their sound–still shoegazey with pop hooks and an indie rock afront that astounds. It borders on Math Rock at this point, but with a pop sheen. The lyrical melody is almost reminiscent of early XTC, which couldn’t please my ears more. I like the unusual arrangements in their rhythm and instrumentation because it literally tickles my brain. The time changes, the random acts of aural kindess, all blow my mind. Celebration Guns leave me with a desire to see them over and over again, an you should to, they have so much to offer your ears”

“Celebration Guns introduced themselves as an ‘indie/emo/progressive’ band and while it’s true they do dip their toes into each of those genres, we believe they may be underselling themselves a little. Having just released a split EP , Celebration Guns have a lot to cheer about right now. ‘Old Habits’ is a song that recalls early Bloc Party mixed with a harsher-sounding Mimas. With a mathy opening, the vocals are not brought in until the halfway point of the song – and it’s here that singer Justin Weir talks about lost youth and how ‘old habits die hard’. There’s also a tribal but charmingly appealing sense of fun running throughout the song. It remains gleeful even while the effects pedals are brought to the fore. ‘Former Lover’ is more in line with the likes of the Appleseed Cast but the complex rhythm is joined by a rather festive glockenspiel effect. With its perfectly set emo lyrics it’s a song that will appeal to fans of from Doves to TWIABPAIANLAD”

“Celebration Guns was my surprise mind-blowing band of last year that I first went to see on the lark of a recommendation....their first official EP Bright Enough is no slouch. ..."The Harder I Try", a brilliant tune about emotional alienation within a relationship. ..."Say What You Mean" kicks in and you have to wrap your head around it, the intricate percussion and infinite guitar work astounds even more. "If There's Time" is a quintessential track that proves they are not only poets but indie rock maestros -- in the spirit of true indie rock (i.e. Pavement, Sebadoh, etc.) "Tiny Instruments" confirms the band's genius, as it is a live recording and probably the best documentation of their presence available. This is one of my favorite live tracks and I am so glad they presented it here. This IS Celebration Guns and they are phenomenal.”

“Celebration Guns was in my top five debut bands of last year and it was a complete surprise to me. Each of their releases seems like a teaser to me, because I want an entire album of their songs with the entire band, maybe playing live in the studio, because their live shows are amazing and I’d love to hear that carried over to a full length recording. This song is a pure delight and seems to stand apart from their previous recordings for the amount of intricate percussion alone. I cannot wait to hear what else Celebration Guns has in store for us this year–they are definitely one band to keep your ears on, if for no other reason than to watch their growth and percussion.”

“The song “Folks Inside” was released as a preview in February and is apparently inspired by a Shel Silverstein poem. This song is a pure delight and seems to stand apart from their previous recordings for the amount of intricate percussion alone. It’s catchy as hell and honestly, live it seems to have developed well beyond this recording. I have to admit, when this gets stuck in my head randomly I have to rake my brain a bit before I can remember what it is, once I do I have to listen to it about three or four times in a row. The second track offered up from Celebration Guns is the amazing “The Volunteer” which has been one of my live favorites for months now, if for no other reason than the delicate bell intro by Timothy O’Brien. Somewhere there is an amazing live recording of this performed perfectly at a Last Exit Live gig that I was thrilled to witness in person. Since that time I have been eagerly anticip”

““Hold still” is a noisy, guitar-driven tune that is just darn fun. The guitar hook, something that these cats are known for, is front and center. Justin Weir, vocalist/guitarist, introduces himself through a distorted vocal filter that he uses throughout the EP. It’s dirty and gritty and is a great counterpoint to the clean riffs and open drums. It’s on “Go to sleep” where you hear every one of these musicians come together to create a sound that is unique to them. The quirky lead guitar riff is, well, quirky at the onset of the tune, but once the band gets into the main part of the song it fits very nicely. “Ride home” and “The wait is over” follow suit: Interesting leads, distorted vocals and what I thought were really terrific melodies. Drummer Timothy O'Brien bassist Ryan Miller, and guitarist Chris Blanco, along with Weir, have carved out a rad EP everyone should check out.”

"Celebration Guns made their live debut and holy hell what a debut it was! They are now officially my favorite new band in town with their clever combination of feedback washed, air infused shoegazing indie pop filled with flawless hooks and enough rock nerve to get you moving. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more impressed with a band during their first performance, these guys just totally nailed it right out of the starting gate–fucking amazing. Seriously, keep your eyes on these guys! "