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“Private Caller Although "Private Caller" was produced, vocaled and released whilst Skepta, JME, and Frisco were a part of the Meridian Crew, the underground grime scene today considers this a part of Boy Better Know's discography due to the nature of the track's release date, and the formation of Boy Better Know (both in 2005). The track was produced by Skepta and vocaled by members of North London crews such as Meridian (Big H, Prez T/President T, JME, Dan & Bossman), TMT (Frisco, Cell 22, Dimples & Danny B) & Cold Blooded (Cookie & Scorcher). The track gained much popularity on pirate radio stations and raves.”

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"There's definitely a good vibe in Tottenham at the moment," says local rapper Wretch 32, who recently scored a top five hit with Traktor. "When you're in a negative place, you want to reverse it. It's a rebel instinct." Although grime emerged in east London a decade ago and its most-famous practitioners (Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder) hail from there, Tottenham housing estates currently seem to be churning out the brightest talent - Wretch 32 and Cell22 (Tiverton estate), Skepta and brother JME (Meridian Walk) and Chipmunk (St Anne's). It's not just grime. Chart-topping chanteuse Adele Adkins was born in Tottenham, and although raised in Brixton, describes herself as "still a ratty-haired girl from Tottenham". Also flying the flag for N15 is 28-year-old saxophonist YolanDa Brown, who has racked up two Mobo awards, patronage from Russian president Dmitry Medvedev as well as an honorary doctorate, without having released her debut album.