"It’s great to catch up with you Fury, before we wind this up… there are so many people in this world with talent and desire to make music, do you have any advice on what separates those from who dream and those who do?"

“Audio Interview with CEE-ROCK "THE FURY" by HYPE MAGAZINE TALKS.”

"Cee Rock 'The Fury' featuring Timid, (produced by 12Bit - 'Lyssynup!') - lovely, happy vybes for everybody, it's for all y'all!"

"Born and raised in Queens, CEE-ROCK "THE FURY" started life freestyling with of some of Hip-Hop's most legendary MC's such as CHINO XL, THE AFROS, PRINCE PO from ORGANIZED KONFUSION, JAZZY JAY of the mighty ZULU NATION, PERCEE P, DAVY DMX and TRAGEDY aka INTELLIGENT HOODLUM. He has been an integral part of the New York scene since the late eighties and is an ambassador of 'Boom-Bap'. His achievements so far include featuring on a TOP 40 MAX MARTIN hit in Sweden that went to number 37 in the US Billboard Chart, he has played live in various venues in the USA including the legendary Apollo Theatre, as well as shows in DENMARK, GERMANY, SWEDAN, HUNGARY, AUSTRIA and the UK playing alongside acts such as LATE, CHUCK D from PUBLIC ENEMY, DJ NOIZE, MAYLAY SPARKS, ROCK STEADY CREW, COOLE HIGH and TAH PHRUM DUH BUSH. He is Head of A&R for !Handzup!..."

"They say that rap is a young man's game but Cee-Rock's debut arrives in his mid-thirties with all the baritone power of the young Biggie. This inhales deep on the Eighties sound of the New Yorker's youth, a barrage of sampled beats and quickfire wit - 'Kill Da Killin" even nods to BDP's classic 'Stop the Violence'. An inspired entry from a rapper who's not retro, just late. 4 Stars."

"...Cee-Rock aka 'The Fury' recently released the fat 'Bringin' Da Yowzah' on [!Handzup!] Records. The album was so hot that we had no choice but to interview him."

"Cee-Rock rocks."

"This is REAL Hip-Hop music, no watered down Top 40 radio fluff. Cee-Rock The Fury is very reminiscent of when lyrical content mattered. Using the original element of Hip-Hop, sampled music with drum beats on top, Cee Rock brings a no nonsense New York flow that you won’t find from a Lil’ Wayne or Wiz Khalifa (the current flavor of the month)."

"Most people who ignore Rap and Hip Hop do so due to the lack of a decent hook line or decent subject matter. Just as Dr. Dre’s production brought out the best from Eminem’s work, Cee-Rock succeeds in much the same way by doing things Old Skool style." / "You also get a feeling that what The Fury is rapping about is more than just made up stories but comes from his own personal experience."

"Cee-Rock’s music is clearly influenced by the boom-bap backpack vibe of hip-hop’s golden-age, but he remains focused on moving the culture forward."

"I understand that as a youngster Rakim told you that you had skills!"

"Most definitely takes me back."