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Cecilie Binoche has entranced audiences all over the world. Her background as an actor, as well as her deep understanding of world cultures gained through international travel, gives her music a depth and meaning that few performers can match.

Born in Norway, and having graduated from the American Intercontinental University in London, where she studied classical, film, and black soul music , Cecilie infuses her performance with an unparalleled passion and emotional force which clearly draws from those sources. Studying at the Nordic Black Theater School for the Performing Arts gave her the opportunity to develop her own unique style and melody. “The coaches told us to have the creative courage to follow our own intuition.” Yet at the same time, Cecilie succeeds in integrating her unique vision with established and traditional sound, so that one is swept into new realms even while firmly grounded in the familiar.

Just as her physical appearance transcends glamour and strikes those around her with the force of a rare and genuine beauty, her musical imagery goes beyond the empty cliche, providing her listeners with a profound, moving, and unforgettable experience.

“This is my first solo album, and have been blessed to work with Konvict Muzik’s artist and incredible producer, Gypsy Stokes, who will also be featuring on my album.” Binoche also worked collaboratively with Face from So Solid UK. Her work is nourished by an incredibly diverse range of performers who inspire her, like a wide and deep river of sound that continuously runs through her life. “My influences could be anything from a small riff to a cool beat, sounds of piano, violin or guitar, or the sound of rain on a old tiled roof...I listen to everything from Electro and Retro to Old School. Marvin Gaye is my number one. Lauryn Hill is also one of my favorites. I also like Maxwell, Nelly Furtado, R. Kelly, Angie Stone and Timbaland.” Out of her love of traditional and former types of music, Cecilie has created a retro-styled bouquet of sounds.

Bringing the same energy, attention to detail, and passion that has fueled her musical creativity to the production process of her album’s release, Cecilie has already assured her worldwide audience that they are in for a remarkable and profound experience.

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Producer: Gypsy Stokes( Konvict Muzik) www.gypsystokes.com Email:cecilie.muzik@gmail.com
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Cecilie Binoche
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R&B/Soul / Retro / Pop / Dance

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Oslo, NO
Tor Birger Krageboen