Ceann / Press

“The Legend of Handsome Pat is the album that resulted — a 15-song collection with contributions from Brian Halloran and Ceann, Pittsburgh names like Paul Tabachneck and The Hang Lows, and bands like Scythian and The Fighting Jamesons, who had played with Ceann. A couple of tracks are unreleased tunes from Patrick Halloran himself.”

“A lot of people are feeling love these days for Ceann, who will play a prime time slot at Shamrock Fest at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. Touting itself as the champions of “Yankee Irish Drinking Music,” with people comparing the lads to a funnier version of Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murph”

Scott Tady - Go Magazine

“This rock-comedy group prides itself in its humor, ranging from its sophomoric name to "The Worst Pirate Song" and the Pittsburgh favorite "Pittsburgh Makes Me Drunk." "Pretty on the Inside" was nominated for comedy song of the year by the International Songwriter's Association.”

“For all its vacillation between horrible and hilarious, there's something about "Pretty on the Inside" that rescues the song from throwaway silliness. Ceann possesses both chops and wit, and it's sort of refreshing to hear the external so unapologetically placed in the spotlight.”