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“Notable releases: Combo Westside, Full Bloom; We Killed the Union, Bloodset Arizona; Stefan George and Tom Walbank, My Old Friend the Blues; French Quarter, Desert Wasn't Welcome; Brass Tax, Math Jazz at the Dollar Store; Namoli Brennet, We Were Born to Rise; A Fall to Break, The Man in the Mask; CCS Crew; Monster Pussy, Tails of the City.”

“CCS Crew is our pick for 2010 Top Tucson hip hop artists. CCS crew consists of Stacc sytles, Jersey, Crookyd, Fat Tony, and Muzikman. At the beginning of 2010 the group were finalists in the TAMMIE music awards for best hip hop group in Tucson. From there they went on to open for almost every major show that came into town. In 2010 alone they opened for Ice Cube, Nas,Tech N9ne(2x), WC, Willy Northpole, Kotton Mouth kings(2x), Head Pe(2x), Krizz Calico, Dj quick, Kurupt, Slaughterhouse and more. In 2010 they also released thier first mixtape “The crop” which is available for dl on http://www.therealccscrew.com. In 2010 they proved to be the hardest working hip hop group in Tucson, AZ. check here for more info on CCS Crew http://www.reverbnation.com/ccscrew”

“Sunday June 06 Nas (Hip Hop)A true Hip Hop legend! with CCS Crew all ages ON SALE NOW Beginning with his classic debut, Illmatic (1994), Nas stood tall for years as one of New York City's leading rap voices, outspokenly expressing a righteous, self-empowered swagger that endeared him to critics and hip-hop purists. Whether proclaiming himself "Nasty Nas" or "Nas Escobar" or "Nastradamus" or "God's Son," the self-appointed King of New”

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“TAMMIES 2010 Finalists! - Tammies: T... Sat, 22 Jan 2011 Up-and-Coming Artist(s) of the Year. AudaciA (R) Cadillac ... CCS Crew (R) Mike Superhero (R) People From the Sun (R) ... You need to be a member of Tammies: Tucson's Music Site to add”

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“CCS CREW - Big Scoob - Cognitio - Tech N9ne - Brotha Lynch Hung - Krizz Kaliko - Kutt Calhoun - P...”

Tucson Weekly - CCS CREW - Big Scoob - Cognitio - Tech N9ne - Brotha Lynch Hung - Krizz Kaliko -

“CCS Crew, Kottonmouth Kings, Potluck”