Cat Lamondt / Press

“CC Lamondt was born into music, with both parents being musicians and a mother like Willa Lamondt, we were not surprised but so honoured to have South Africa's nightingale, singer/songwriter become part of our Kenyan community.”

“CC Lamondt, South African singer/songwriter and Publisher about finding her space and making her mark in Kenya”

“Special triple thanks-You's to Ms CC Lamondt for your trust and faith in me... I think we made a special, special album here!! You are a damn fine lyricist, Madame and your sensitive, melodious vocals made it a refreshing and most enjoyable change from the norm. Lyrical sensibilities are not dead, the lay in the hands and heads of artists like MS CC Lamondt!!”

“Excellent … outrageously beautiful.”

“Beautiful melodies, a truly harmonious tone of voice, this is an album that you listen and listen again without tiring as it is beautiful! I took a great pleasure to listen to you and thank you.”

“This is a great country blues album, soft South African. Beautiful extensive color and melodious. And a beautiful voice full of sweetness and light. Thanks for this gift.”

“A new Karen Carpenter is born, cheers bravo, superb!! ~ Ariel Delos Reyes”