Cavallo / Press

“Brooklyn's Cavallo specialise in instrumetal rock that purrs, twinkles, then bears its teeth, fur flying, whilst retaining a harmonic core. The twin guitars work in telepathic partnership, complimenting each other even when the songs are at their chewiest. Decent. ”

“Cavallo is an experimental post-rock / hardcore band with from BROOKLYN United States. With all the math-core elements their sound are built to bring justice to your brain and your soul. Some EXCELLENT sound here.”

"AMAZING show last night. you guys keep building an incredible dynamic and sound. challenging train-of-thought instrumentalism, grand and glorious in emotion"

Peter - Fan quote

“Эти ребята сделали все как мама велела,но получилось весьма вкусно и интересно,для первого релиза весьма многообещающе These guys did everything my mother told me, but it turned out very tasty and interesting, for the first release of a very promising”