CAVA / Press

“The show began with an explosion of song. This is the story of a young Latina in 1968 who survives the recent death of her father and the harsh life in the barrio with a vivid imagination and an unconquerable positive spirit. Of course there is tragedy in the story. War is raging in Vietnam; many Mexican Americans are deeply disturbed by the then all too common second class treatment they received in America. Stitching together the stream of scenes is the glorious and utterly stunning Claudia “CAVA” Gonzalez-Tenorio. Her voice, her style, her essence is simply peerless. Off stage CAVA continues with a project that leads the evolution of Latin music in Los Angeles. On stage CAVA just stole my heart with her true beauty and grace. Toss in the Vietnam War and swelling campus unrest and the ever great music of Los Lobos and you get the basic elements of Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe. Each and every cast member was a star and the band was spot on hot.”

“If it's true in show business that some acts are tough to follow, the bill at Temple Bar on Friday proved that some acts are also tough to open for. The night started well enough for Las Rubias del Norte, a novel New York band. But then came Cava, a bawdy, boisterous and blistering singer-songwriter from East L.A. who blew the New Yorkers away. She set about showing how the natives do it, and the growing crowd didn't have to be invited to dance. Cava is the nickname for Claudia Gonzalez, who could be la morena del norte, with her dark skin, long black hair and indigenous features. Cava takes the stage like a gang claims its home turf. She prowls and teases. The unexpected collaboration has yielded a hip tropical blend with an unabashed Chicano aesthetic. It's a shot in the arm for East L.A.'s moribund music scene. Local favorites Los Pinguos closed the show. And by then, the lineup showed that some acts are tough to have on either side.”

“In the Playhouse District, Zona Rosa Caffe will be hosting its 15th annual Dia de Los Muertos celebration tonight — Thursday, Oct. 29 — with an art exhibit and live music. Art will be on display at the café through Nov. 8, but to catch a set by Cava, be sure to duck into the café’s cozy alley tonight by 7:30 p.m. Pounding out delightfully skewered Latinate rhythms astride an amplified cajon, Cava — more formally known as Claudia Gonzalez is one of the most raucously irreverent originals to emerge from the area music scene in recent years.”

“CAVA- World Musician The acclaimed musician and songwriter Claudia Gonzalez and her band Cava will be releasing a new CD on December 31, 2009. They will be ringing in the new year with hot Latin jazz, with influences ranging from Celia Cruz, Peruvian soul, John Coltrane and Billie Holiday. As witnesses to her shows at LA’s Eastside Luv the high energy artist is already a testament to a special new year in 2010.”

“Claudia is the lead vocalist for the group, CAVA. She is excellent, and she captivated the audience that night with her strong voice as well as her enthusiasm. It was a wonder she didn't tire from singing, encouraging her band, AND playing taiko. She was a delight to watch.”