Cat McLean / Press

"Cat sings and plays guitar like an angel with a sardonic streak. She'll break your heart with a stunningly musical passage and then mercilessly kick your ass all over hell with a fierce barrage of rock and roll aggression. Beware"

"She sings and plays like a rock Goddess"

John Procaccini - Tour Manager for Doobie Brothers.

"Cat has written some great songs that remind me of John Lennon's Music." Writer and Producer for Prince, John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Santana, Madonna, David Bowie)...........on and on..

"Dream touched me deeply, thank you for your soulful sound and your commitment to the harmony of our humanity".

Sugar Blue, (Rolling Stones, Sugar Blue Band)) - The Great Sugar Blue ( Rolling Stones, Sugar Blue Band).

"Cat's songs sound like the world's greatest classic jukebox while being completely original and fresh. This is timeless music made for the ages. It doesn't get any better!"

Rob LoVerde - Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (Beck, Pixies, Faith No More)

"Cat 3 Be Happy" This album sets out to rock you and it succeeds. Innovative and modern production with: rock, country, industrial, and Middle Eastern to name a few, With great vocal performance. Give this outstanding CD a listen".