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"Look quick! A shooting star it's Catie Waters. A spectrum of airy colors in a voice that has yet to hit its peak. A Jazz voice reminiscent of White as light as the Sun and Deep Blue reflecting the undertones of a Smokey Jazz Ballad. That is Catie Waters, Beauty, Talent and Verve leading the way for emerging artists that wish upon that star. JR Alvarez of RumbaJazz Spot Radio


"I believe Catie has one of the most promising voices of all the young women I've heard. We were also thrilled to see her take the stage at our Uptown Jazz Dallas Live at the House of Blues jazz set to show the public what we already know. That Catie is a rising star in jazz." ~ Keith Hill, CEO, Uptown Jazz Dallas International Jazz Festival

Uptown Jazz Dallas International Jazz Festival

“You got a ton of talent...we are adding this song to Whotune radio..thanks for sharing Catie.”

Chris - Whotune Radio

"Catie sounds great!! Wish you were in Portland. If you ever come to Portland let me know. You can sing with the big band anytime. It is great to see talent so young and so pure keep it coming, Thanks." -Brad Davis, President Kansas City Rhythm Big Band

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