Cathy Stewart / Press

“...Stewart's album covers a lot of ground stylistically, with originals ranging from the Joan Jett-ish title track to the vaguely autobiographical "Me and Bobby McGee-esque "Stranded In Salinas", to a twangy novelty number "Beer Song" loaded with beer brand puns and feminist humor....."Gravel" has an indie-rock sound with a clever chorus...”

“Cathy Stewart - Definite Maybe (LP). One of the cool things about Pittsburgh music is its diversity. There is no "Pittsburgh sound" that all area artists must conform to. That spirit is embodied in Definite Maybe, the June 20th release from singer-songwriter Cathy Stewart. Definite Maybe showcases a variety of diverse influences, ranging from classic rock to honky tonk country to indie pop. Yet, Stewart somehow masterfully weaves these myriad influences into a unified collection of short, fun songs - the funnest of which is "The Beer Song," a tune that has to be heard to be fully appreciated.”

“Stewart's new release, “Definite Maybe,” reflects the Jefferson Hills resident's rock n' roll side. An instructor with For Those About to Rock Academy in Ambridge, she recorded the tracks with producers Dave Granati at Maplewood Studio in Ambridge and Steve Rutledge (of Groove Revolution) in Nashville. The featured musicians include Granati, Rutledge and Matt Barranti on guitars; Granati and Rutledge on bass; Bob Bannerjee on fiddle and mandolin; Tattoo Slover on keyboards; and drummers Andy Hull, Greg McIltrot, Joe Waslousky, Greg Stewart and Pete Waddell.”

"Definite Maybe" is a testament to her determination to get it right, and she slow cooked this disc to perfection. It truly captures her passion for the music, and dedication to crafting songs that stick to the roof of your musical palate like peanut butter-sweet, salty, and tasty torture you love-and you will keep coming back for more.

“See Cathy Stewart as a guest of David Granati on the Dave World tv broadcast for Moon Township Community Access!”

“The Arts Marketplace on Shiloh was featured in the Post Gazette Blog “City WalkAbout.” Here is the link to the story. This weekend the Art Marketplace will be featuring the following artists as well as musical performances by Singer Songwriter, Cathy Stewart . More at the link...”

“Artist Market enlivening Shiloh Street Mount Washington has created another draw for visitors beyond the city's most famous view. The Shiloh Street Art Market has opened. In its third weekend it will feature singer-songwriter Cathy Stewart and mosaic artist Stevo Sadvary....READ more at the link..”