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“Top Ten Concerts of 2015”

“Richardson's voice cut through the big, crowded room like it was parting the Red Sea.”

"one of the most interesting and inspiring singer/songwriter that I've heard. This music is simply amazing and as off the wall and unpredictable as anything I could imagine."

Michael Allison - The Global Muse

“Top 10 Concerts of 2013”

“Vocally, though, it's beyond great, in large part thanks to the phenomenal Cathy Richardson, whose exhilaratingly volcanic rock chick with genuine soul soaring lends extraordinary presence...”

“Top Ten Concerts of 2011”

“A force of nature touched down at FitzGerald’s and nearly blew off its roof.”

“Top Ten Concerts of 2010”

“Top Ten Concerts of 2009”

“lead singer Cathy Richardson’s driving vocals work perfectly standalone and with the three part harmonies so characteristic of the Airplane and Starship”

“Richardson comes into her own, becoming a great rock frontwoman rather than just a slick Slick imitator.”

“(translated from German) Clearly the focus is Cathy Richardson, her completely effortless and simultaneously powerful voice sings various classics from the past and in doing so rather reminds us of Janis Joplin’s voice more than that of Grace Slick. On the other hand, she is capable of maintaining the charm of the song in its original form without sacrificing a certain personal touch.”

“Why Richardson isn’t a bigger star than she is remains something of a mystery, for her charismatic presence and far-ranging voice would rival even Joplin.”

“Describing Cathy Richardson’s work is reason for some dictionarial angst. We thought long and hard about the right adjectives and superlatives – distinctive, seductive, amazing, explosive, radical? Cathy’s maximum strength, character, and daring puts serious punching power into modern rock’n'roll.”

“All I could say was “WOW,” this woman can really belt out those notes. I was completely blown away by her vocals and her overall performance on stage. Her chemistry with the rest of the band by this third song was very evident.”

“Midwest music veteran Cathy Richardson gives a rare solo performance tonight during a short break from a world tour as lead singer of the legendary Jefferson Starship.”

“100% genuine rocker with balls to spare and a voice that could knock the wind outta you. Awesome and worth spending many hours just to appreciate the songs. A must buy for those of you who like rock n’roll and want to listen to what a lady rocker should sound like.”

“The surprise of the night was Cathy Richardson, a Grammy-nominated singer that played Janis Joplin in the off-Broadway production of Love Janis. She also toured the US in 2007 with Joplin’s original band members Big Brother and the Holding Co. on the Summer of Love 40th Anniversary Tour. This woman is extremely talented – so much that I would pay to see her perform on her own.”

“Lead singer Cathy Richardson is a knockout. Her full, emotionally driven vocals would fit superbly with any genre of music. With The Macrodots, she finds herself pouring her heart out in the form of classic rock-tinged melodrama – and for good reason. The Macrodots lend Richardson’s vocals a powerful punch, rocking hard and delivering mind-melting guitar riff after another. The song structures stick to the point, but are well crafted with hooks and catchy melodies. At times the band sounds like Led Zepplin, while at other times they evoke poppier sounds like The Go-Go’s.”

“Richardson certainly has a lot of attitude. With songs like “Kiss My Ass” and “Everything Is All I Want,” she delivers such statements with a ferocity rarely heard by female singers. She really means what she says and she has the cred to back it up.”

“Cathy Richardson has the best female voice in rock today. I can’t think of a comparable one. I might allow Ann Wilson, but Richardson consistently digs deeper and is a sure bet these days to break on through to the other side during a performance. The voices of the contenders for her newly ascended throne go to 10. Richardson’s voice goes to 11. During the past few years while portraying Janis Joplin in a musical and fronting Jefferson Starship in the role vacated by Grace Slick, Richardson has developed and matured into a bona fide rock goddess of her own.”

“the Macrodots play a smokin’ hot brew of melodic hard rock, and are about 25 years too late to become the arena-bustin’ juggernaut they deserve to be. Songs like “Not Too Late,” “If I Could,” and the title track should be on rock radio (if such a thing exists anymore), and the band’s pedigree (in addition to Richardson, the band includes Scandal co-founder Zack Smith and the aforementioned Donny Baldwin) simply screams quality. The record is an eardrum-breaking, heart-tugging, privates-kicking blast of rock goodness. ”

“Concert Review: Part-time Chicagoan and Californian Cathy Richardson also turned in a muscular homecoming, sharing tunes from her role in the latest incarnation of Jefferson Starship (“White Rabbit,” “Somebody To Love”), plus the new super duo Macrodots with Scandal’s Zack Smith (“If I Could”). In either context, she evoked the ghost of Janis Joplin (whom she played in the musical “Love, Janis”) or fellow muse Grace Slick, laced with a little extra soul and pitch-perfect accuracy.”

“CD review: The arrangements are crisp and the hooks are plentiful... Not a bad track here... This album really rocks, so buckle up.”

“Bullz-Eye’s Favorite Albums of 2010: Staff Writer Greg Schwartz’s picks Macrodots: the Other Side”

“Longtime fans of Richardson will surely recognize the attitude and energy of her singing here, but they might be surprised to hear the bluesy, acoustic touches of her previous records largely replaced by a hard-driving electric sound. The new songs evoke '70s classic rock, but with a contemporary sheen. Consider the track “Rock and Roll Part II,” which opens with a crunching, Zeppelin-like riff, or “Piece of Me,” with its propulsive drums and insistent guitar-driven groove.”

“CD Review: Macrodots- the Other Side- 5 Stars ...Smith and Richardson create arrangements that are devoured by the ear... and enough guitar crunch to give the record the kick that provides the perfect complement to Richardson’s monstrous vocal talent.”

"Cathy Richardson always puts on a good show, bringing her witty, hard-driving songs to life with a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll swagger and passion, even when she's unplugged."

Matt Arado - Daily Herald

“Top Ten Albums of the Decade: Cathy Richardson's Delusions of Grandeur”

"For my money, Richardson is the best singer in the city and, when she's at her best, in rock today."

“Singer Cathy Richardson, statuesque and striking, possesses a full-throated holler and stage presence to match”

“Richardson entertains a diversity of styles, but somehow the ballads remain categorically untouchable. She switched from her 60s style Ovation, Les Paul and even sat down to play the keys mid-set. Through the more than two hour set, she kept the set list exciting.”

“a bona fide super star.... It wasn’t just the powerful brassy voice... she was a performer in the 1967 sense of the word. She shot her fist up toward the ceiling, sliced the air with her hands, fell to her knees, clapped, stomped, pounded the stage with the mike stand exuding a blend of passions born of that mad era of hope, anger, and desperate aspiration.”

“With a kick-ass Somebody To Love, new Starship singer Cathy Richardson served notice that she’s no Grace Slick clone.”

“Half-whiskey, half-honey vocals... acoustic guitar drones against her chilling, super-sized range. Wow.”

“With charismatic blonde beauty and a dynamic vocal range, she lifts the performance of every song.... Richardson demonstrates herself as a major rock star waiting to happen, belting out a stunning lead vocal that resonates with breath taking power. It’s a reminder of what an incredible vocalist Grace Slick was and what a tall order it is for the band to replace her. Kantner has clearly hit the rock ‘n’ roll jackpot again with Richardson.”

“Breakout Artist of 2008: Stunning power and mesmerizing rock 'n' roll mojo onstage... She's got the skills to land next to Grace Slick in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame someday.”