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““A lot of singers have had the mantle put on them but Cathy Lemons really sounds like she should/could be Bonnie Raitt's long lost duet partner she never sang with. Not unleashing all their goods on their impressive debut, the Losers are back with a dark end of the street sounding set that fuses contemporary blues and soul into the tastiest mix you could hope to find….This is a must for the boomer that would still like to buy records that mean something and are full of feeling. Hot stuff!””

““Not since the pairing of Johnny Cash and June Carter has the music world seen a duet that is this well suited for one another. San Francisco based Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz do a blend of blues, country, R&B and soul that is smooth as silk while, on the other hand, as gravelly as a back country road, when that is what is called for. ‘In Any Town’ is a timeless masterpiece, reminiscent of the day when duets worked their magic, voices blending in perfect harmony. Deeply rooted in blues and R&B, this recording brings back glimpses of the sophistication heard in ages past.””

““This is the best boy-girl fronted blues band since the criminally under-appreciated Janiva Magness and Jeff Turmes classic, ‘It Takes One To Know One’ from 1999. Most of the tunes are originals – they do a bang-up version of ‘Jackson’ – and the band is tighter than your boss.””

““ Their first release, ‘A Winning Hand,’ was just that and their follow-up is even better, with eleven tracks of blues, soul, and R&B. The pair alternate on vocals for several tracks and both do a great job individually, but I really like their rapport on the duets, with their playful banter and easy charm….Berkowitz also provides some fantastic harmonica, but what really makes ‘In Any Town’ stand out is the chemistry between Lemons and Berkowitz. It's pretty clear that these guys love working together.””

““In Any Town’ is as masterful as it is smooth, with just the right amount of grit … well produced, impeccable even- a straightforward disc with the blues and soul as primary foundations that doesn’t hide behind effects and studio trickery. The emotional content ranges from the highest highs to the lowest lows, described in the bio as ‘beautiful and twisted stories’… kinda makes you want to listen, doesn’t it?””

"Lemons is a tough, soulful vocalist bearing some similarities to Bonnie Raitt, but with a plucky strut and delivery that are both playful and powerful. When she lets loose on the slow blues ... she builds an intensity and momentum that are as impressive as the female blues greats who have influenced her."

“Lemons belongs on the roster of great Lone Star State singers like Lou Anne Barton and Angela Strehli. She doesn’t have Barton’s twangy drawl or the bodacious brass of Strehli, but packs a formidable punch of Texas soul and down and dirty blues. Her latest, “Black Crow” recorded at Kid Andersen’s Greasland Studios in San Jose sounds like it came out of some sawdust-floored Texas juke joint as the sun was coming up”

“ALL GOOD! (4 stars) **** In Dallas Cathy Lemons used to run with guitaritsts Stevie Ray Vaughan and Anson Funderburg before moving to the Bay Area in the mid 1980's. She's lived a hard life, and the singing on her first solo album in many years lends credence to the typically suspect supposition that misfortune is a prerequisite for creating superior blues. Backed by guitarist Stevie Gurr and other above average musicians feasting on slow tempos, Lemons both salves the scars of the past and celebrates new feelings of freedom on her compositions "I'm Going to Try" and "Your'e In My Town". Thankfully forgoing sensory overload, she boogies, shuffles, and personalizes Earl King r&b, James Brown funk, and Kiernan Kane roots music with unfeigned ardor."”

"Cathy Lemons' voice is sensuous and expressive, with lyrics delivered with clear enunciation and a minimum of extraneous filigree, she forms an immediate and lasting emotional connection. Her delivery is one that many acts could, and should, be envious of." "We have an album here that is far closer to the genuine blues than many of it’s contemporaries. The focus is on emotion and not on spectacle, which means it may not grab people who are used to the latter on first listen. However, if you stick with it, as you definitely should, you’ll be rewarded with a depth and richness that eludes the masses. This is a record that deserves repeated listens, that gives you something new on every pass. Each time it hits your record player you’ll love it just a little bit more."

“This woman has earned everything she’s got, and earned it legitimately. This is a woman who could steal your heart in an instant. One thing is certain…once you hear her, you will be a fan for life. This is music with a timeless quality that will have all the hitting power twenty years down the road that it does today. In this day and age when so much of what crosses my desk is some strange blues/rock combination, too often more rock than blues, this disc is refreshing as a glass of cold mountain spring water. This one is a keeper…a purchase you will not regret. – Bill Wilson”

"Cathy Lemons is a "black swan" of the blues. If one’s favorite type is mellow and full of soul, then this album fits the bill‘!

"She's much more in a lineage with Bonnie Bramlett, Tracy Nelson, Genya Ravan, and others…with Gladys Knight's smooth delivery. And you know what happens when Gladys sings the blues, don't you? Men melt."

"With Black Crow, Cathy Lemons should receive some much-deserved attention far beyond the Bay Area. She’s a talented and honest vocalist that doesn’t have to shout and scream to get her point across, a welcome variation from what is often perceived as the norm these days. "

““Black Crow” is poised to bring her a world-wide legion of fans!"”

"With Black Crow, Cathy Lemons should receive some much-deserved attention far beyond the Bay Area. She’s a talented and honest vocalist that doesn’t have to shout and scream to get her point across, a welcome variation from what is often perceived as the norm these days. "

“Lemons hits greater glories with each new release and this is no exception. A dandy dose of hot stuff that just doesn’t quit, Lemons isn’t about affectation and iconography, she’s the real deal and doesn’t have to twist her vocal chords into knots to prove it. Smoking, velvet soul blues that’s right in the pocket throughout, Lemons impresses throughout with this mighty release. A winner throughout.”

“Cathy Lemons--she got it! Funky! That's the blues now!”

John Lee Hooker - Quote on CD "Dark Road" from John Lee Hooker

"I declare this to be the greatest thing I’ve heard so far in 2010!" “Cathy’s natural vocals … sound like a female John Lee Hooker/Howlin’ Wolf.” “A totally unique, hard-drivin’ gem of an album … This CD offers up some of the finest, freshest, hippest grooves I’ve heard in many a moon!” REAL BLUES MAGAZINE (ANDY GRIGG) LISTED #7 IN TOP 100 CD’S OF ALL TIME!

Andy Grigg - Real Blues

““The album ("Lemonace") is a real joy … one of the coolest records of 2010.” “The more I listen to this CD, the more I fall in love with her (Cathy Lemons’s) voice, which is velvety and hypnotic.” FULLTIMEBLUES.COM (Johnny Full-time) ”

Johnny Fulltime - Fulltime Blues

“When I first fell for the blues back thirty-five-plus years ago, this was the kind of music that hooked the teenage me--great vocals over a rich deep bed of bass and drums, with slinky great guitar and harp work weaving through everything and tying everything together. I remember the first time I heard the Butterfield Blues band as if it was just yesterday. Those guys knew the formula--they had listened to and played with everybody who was anybody in Chicago--and they brought the music to rich throbbing LIFE. It was new and yet it wasn't, and they didn't give a damn if you liked it or if you didn't. Well, this cd captures a bunch of that same feel. It's hard and deep and rich. Tommy Castro writes the liner notes, and he calls this "a strong and soulful effort." He's right. This CD is on Vizztone Records. ”

““A burnished, scintillating disc and certainly one of the finest debuts from a contemporary female blues singer this year.” (re. "Dark Road" CD)”


"She presents an almost classical quality to her voice. A dangerous approach to a tradition? You bet! But Lemons makes it work. The more you listen to this self-produced effort, the more you realize that it is a very individualistic emotional approach."

Vintage Guitar

“Vocalist Cathy Lemons squeezes some fine work out of a stellar group of San Francisco Bay Area musicians including guitar stars Rusty Zinn, Tommy Castro, Steve Freund and exuberant pianist David Maxwell. Though those guys sit on top of the local heap in the Bay Area, they can't outshine Lemons soulful, knowing vocals…”

Bill Kisliuk - Blues Access

"Shows Lemons to be a skillful and expressive singer in a wide range of styles. If you like your blues sung rather than shouted, this is a disc to check out!”

PA - Living Blues